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How to save money when booking a hotel?

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Travel planning usually begins with the purchase of tickets and the study of the list of attractions, but the choice and booking of the hotel are often delayed at the last minute. At the same time, if you give the process a little more attention, you can not only find a great place but also save a lot. Today we want to tell you about a few tricks with which you can find the perfect hotel at the best price.

1. Find out the cost of parking

If during the vacation you plan to rent a car, do not forget to check the parking cost and add it to the room rate. Perhaps somewhere near there is a hotel with a higher star, but with free parking, which in the end will allow you to save and win in comfort.

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7 tips for safe travel

Last time we talking about:  Your flight was delayed? Canceled? Return your money!

Even if you are not traveling for the first time, you are still not insured against unforeseen situations on the way. Tickets, passports, money on travel are at risk. However, to secure yourself is not difficult - just take the rules some simple tips and follow them throughout each trip.

1. Do not limit yourself to only one way to store money

A cash or plastic card is one of the main dilemmas the traveler faces. There is no universal answer to this question. The most reasonable thing is not to keep all the finances in one place. Distribute money between "plastic" and cash, and the cash should be placed in different places. Keep some of the money in the hotel safe. So even with theft, you will not lose all your savings at once. Check with your bank if your card is suitable for calculation in the country of destination. And on the trip try not to pay it in suspicious shops and always ask to carry out the operation of calculation in your sight.

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Your flight was delayed? Canceled? Return your money!

Last time we talking about:  Hidden flights: how to pay less for plane tickets?

Was your flight delayed? Canceled? Have you suffered from overbooking? Study our infographics to find out if you are entitled to compensation, and if so, which one.

You've packed your bags. Spent a lot of time on getting to the airport, registered for the flight. Passed passport control. The long-awaited vacation is about to begin here ... .The RACE is delayed. FLIGHT CANCELED. OVERBOOKING. Vacations are spoiled, not even have begun.

Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation. It is unlikely to replace a spoiled vacation, but all the same. We carefully studied all the information on compensation and prepared an infographic that will explain to you what you can count on.

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Hidden flights: how to pay less for plane tickets?


Learn how to save money on the next flight with a guide at hidden rates. Here are expert tips on what to consider when booking a ticket.

Agree, saving on air travel is a decisive factor when booking a trip. In fact, according to the International Travel Survey of 2017 *, 49% of all respondents stated that price was the most important factor in choosing. Find a cheap flight great. But there's no way to run into hidden charges.
 Therefore, we require that suppliers (companies that provide tickets) include all mandatory fees in the final price.

Each traveler has individual needs, be it a ton of luggage, food on board or the choice of a specific place on the plane. Any such additional services are optional, and some airlines charge an additional fee for them.

Do not be afraid, we will analyze all types of fees and show you the best ways to save money. We will also share tips on how to avoid additional costs in the next flight.

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Last time we talking about:  Budget trip: the secrets of saving

How to independently choose a tour online, compare the offers of all tour operators and buy the cheapest ticket? Make it simple! We formulated several main rules for searching the tour.

We want to share the secrets of the correct online search for inexpensive tours at once for all tour operators. Following these simple rules, you can buy a ticket at the lowest price and without the extra hassle.

At once we will answer the most popular question "to buy a tour in advance or to wait for burning offers?".
 The answer is simple: begin to study offers and compare prices in advance, a few months before the trip. If they suit you, then there is no point in delaying the purchase of the tour. If prices seem high to you, then you have a choice:

-Pay for how much they ask, but be calm that the rest is already organized, or
- risk and wait in the hope of big discounts for burning tours.

 It is worthwhile to be prepared that before the departure prices for tour packages can both decline and greatly jump up. Another danger - all standing hotels at the last moment can already be booked.

Well, now we turn to the main thing - to the rules of searching and buying the most inexpensive tours.

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Budget trip: the secrets of saving

Last time we talking about:  9 myths about traveling on trains

There is nothing difficult in making your trip budgetary. A little planning and knowing a few secrets of saving are all that is needed for this. Air tickets, hotels, visas, transportation, food, communication - on all these points you can cut costs if you try a little. We will share with you useful tips on how to travel cheaply.

1. Travel by yourself!

The first (and most important) law: do not be afraid to travel independently. It's simple, it's interesting, it's cheap. Some people do not even imagine that you can go abroad without the involvement of agents and other organizations. They believe that only in this way can you guarantee yourself security. And in the end, they get either a boring rest mostly in a recumbent state, or spend huge sums on outside
fixed form holiday. Travel alone is not only possible, but it is also necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a true journey. And everything else is a tourist holiday. Organize a great trip for everyone, you just need to show a little independence.

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9 myths about traveling on trains

Last time we talking about:  We go camping: what should I take with me?

We have studied the stereotypes associated with traveling by rail, and are ready, to tell the truth.

Myth 1. If you miss the train, return the ticket and get the money back
Wrong. After leaving the train you can get back some of the money. The price of the travel document consists of two parts: the cost of the ticket (payment for the use of the railway) and the cost of a reserved seat (fee for using the services of the train). If you are late for your train, a reserved seat will not be returned to you, and you can get the ticket cost back.
To return the ticket, you need to apply to the cashier at the train station not later than 12 hours after the departure of the train. In the first three hours, it's enough to show a ticket and an identity document. From the fourth to the end of the 12th hour, you still need to write a claim statement. How to do it, tell the employee at the checkout.

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We go camping: what should I take with me?


Summer is the time of active rest. On weekends, you can go on a picnic for the whole family, or you can take a vacation for a few days and go camping!
The most important thing in such a trip is good friends, a positive attitude! In order for this kind of leisure to bring only great emotions and be remembered for a long time, it is necessary to prepare well for it. In this, we will help you now.

In any hike, (water, mountain, or bicycle), a significant part of the trip is a hike. We will prepare for it.

First, you need to choose a route. The Internet is irreplaceable here. The network has enough resources devoted to this topic. Also, on specialized sites, you can find reviews and recommendations of tourists. Useful information will be on how to get to the starting point and how to leave the end point of the route. At this stage, it is necessary to specify the planned duration of the trip.

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The tourist services market is going through hard times. And the decline in sales to 50-80% cannot withstand all players. The main task for a vacationer is to try to protect yourself on the journey and not lose money, entrusting the organization of your trip to an inexperienced travel agency.

One of the most successful tour operators, "News Travel", on January 16, unexpectedly "died", canceling all their tours and leaving the departed tourists with problems of eviction from hotels and return home. In the summer, a few more colleagues joined in this. In this situation, the tourist needs to turn on mindfulness to the maximum, so as not to get stuck somewhere in Phuket because of the bankrupt agent-intermediary. How to find "almost bankrupt" on time and distinguish a reliable tour from a trap? Now we'll figure it out!

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In Europe, bicyclists travel on separate tracks, and on the highway for travelers, there are places for recreation.

After the introduction of visa-free travel interest in Europe has grown significantly. However, even now not everyone can afford to travel to European countries.

To see the famous and legendary places, travelers wait for discounts on tickets, hitch-hiking and biking. And for an overnight stay, they rent a house in the campsite, break tents in the designated places and engage in couch-surfing.

For economy travel, a bicycle is perfect. It is convenient for them to go, also because you can make a route yourself, where to stay and see interesting places for you. The most important thing is to collect a backpack in advance, take canned food and see the weather forecast for the dates planned for the trip.

To the checkpoint, or to the nearest city, you can get by train or bus. Then, the most important thing remains to cross the border. Usually here are the standard questions: where are you going, how much money do you have, how many days and whether you carry alcohol and cigarettes.

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