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Travel adapter and USB charger

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Remember the last time you were going on a journey. Chances are you have thought through tourist routes, places to visit, even built-in wardrobe, and even planned to make hundreds of photos and friends and family have promised to send photos of interesting places. And then - you are flying over the ocean, the air breathed overseas and it turns out that the smartphone is dead, and access to the hotel room is not so at home. Therefore, experienced travelers are universal network power devices, which are suitable for all types of outlet.

Or imagine that the charge was over in the middle of an important call or your favorite song. Enjoy in this situation a little. More of this will not happen again. Portable chargers USB device - rechargeable power sources that provide power spare cellphone, MP3-player, digital camera or camcorder. Charge. Bring. When you charge the device will end, plug it in and charging starts.

Portable USB-charger suitable for most gadgets with a mini-USB port and a micro-USB port. You charge the charger from the network or the computer and take on a trip or journey. In the case of low battery mobile gadgets simply connect them to the device and continue to use all the functions at the same time recharging the battery.

The benefits of portable USB-charger:

Mobility (in the subway, on a walk, on the plane, in the mountains)
Additional hours for a mobile phone or other gadgets

When you buy a USB charger, you can not identify by appearance, you get a high-quality safe charger device, or vice versa dangerous charger that cause the problem in touchscreens, and may self-destruct. Therefore, it is important to buy portable chargers in specialized stores.