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10 main rule of hitchhiking

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Hitchhiking - a wonderful thing. If you choose this method of travel, in front of you, especially if finances are limited, it offers plenty of opportunities to visit various parts of the world. It is the most interesting type of travel. Hitchhiking allows you to get to know people. He is unpredictable, riskier, and its main advantage - the ability to escape from the routine of everyday life. Someone thinks that hitchhiking - it's a state of mind.

Here are some tips to make your trip enjoyable.

1. looks decent. The first impression is always important. And on the way you look and position itself depends on the driver to stop or not. After all, the driver is often hard to understand that the vote on the roadside, especially at night. Therefore, before you travel, take care of your look. Girls are not necessary to dress provocatively. Indiscreet top and shorts, it is relevant in the city, on the road can cause a useless association. It is best to wear comfortable, clean and neat clothes, suitable for different weather conditions. In this case, the traveler has a better chance of passing trucks. In order to get noticed on the road, striking elements must be present on clothing. If you vote in the night, make sure that the clothes were present at the reflective elements.

2. The girl is better to go in a couple with a man. Hitchhiking is always associated with risk, so better to travel alone. Of course, the girls traveling alone, always more likely that they will bring up. However, the young girl in danger of being in an unpleasant situation. Do not be afraid that the drivers do not pick up a pair. On tracks young couples who travel hitchhiking, cause sympathy. And if the car will go to the couple, they always stop to take them into his own company.

How to act in cases where the car stopped and you do not like the company with which you have to go? In this case, you should ask the driver where he was going. After listening to him, you can safely say that you Unfortunately not on the road, and immediately try to catch the other car.

3. Make a trip itinerary. Once you have decided to go on a journey hitchhiking, first you need to decide where you want to go. It is best to plan in advance the route. You can buy a map of roads of the place where you go. Read carefully what populated areas will fall in your way. Ultimately, this will make a significant difference.

4. Immediately agreed that passage will be free. It is important before you got into the car and agree that you'll pay for the trip. The main argument - there is no money. There is not and never will be. As the "excuses" good works that you are a student, long travel, heavy backpacks, hot weather. If you do not warn the driver, you may experience unpleasant situations.

5. Keep the conversation. The main stereotype, which is necessary to get rid of the one who decided to go hitchhiking, is that this kind of trip, "freebie". The driver who picks up a hitchhiker also gets its "fee". The fare - good mood and interesting dialogue. A conversation with a fellow traveler - a good way to dispel the boredom of the road and not to fall asleep at the wheel. The luckiest hitchhikers - are those who are friendly, sociable, often smiling and could be interesting to tell about the places where he had visited. Therefore say, ask and tell me - just for you to take this on the road. Besides, how can you miss the opportunity to replenish his stock of knowledge stories, useful information, tips, worldly wisdom?

6. Respect the driver. If you stopped the car, and you were allowed to get into it, then some of the rules to be followed in the path. Try to behave. If you want to smoke, you should ask permission before you get a cigarette. Do not discuss the driver's driving style as well as his actions. If you are asked to fasten your seat belt, make sure you do it. If you do not behave properly, you may be asked to leave the interior of the car.

7. Choose the right area. The journey should begin outside the city limits. Within the city, you will only be able to catch a taxi. Try to choose the place of voting where the driver will be easier to stop and quickly to discuss with you the details of the route. Keep in mind that Europe is forbidden to stop the car on the motorway. And there are highways everywhere. In Italy, hitchhiking is prohibited, there you will also be fined. In such a situation it is best to move away from the road post. The extra attention to law enforcement officers on the roads is not necessarily for you. Particular attention should be paid to the category of the selected track. Do not stand on the slopes of the hills and under vote near a sign "No Stopping" or "stop" someone on the bypass road.

8. Do not criticize the musical tastes of the driver. Do not bother the driver with the proposals play music or change a song. Not always our musical tastes are the same: this is necessary to reconcile. You - the visitor, and therefore we must first reckon with the host machine and its requirements. As they say, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

9. Bypass theme party on politics, religion, money. You can act as a listener, but do not get into an argument with the driver. Some drivers need to be heard. Well, I have a little time to become an analyst, listening with attention and understanding.

10. Be in a good mood, and trust your instincts. Hitchhiking is not always easy. In spite of everything always stay in a good mood. Sometimes it is necessary to stand for a long time on the road waiting for the machine. Do not lose optimism, do not stop smiling. Mess, keep the topic of conversation, and in a good mood.