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What things you need to take a train ride

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All tourists know that traveling by train is much more comfortable than the bus. And it's not just the speed and the possibility to walk through the carriage. The trip on the train will never be tiring. Even if the trip includes a stay overnight. Of course, we can not say that the road will be comfortable in all respects. In many ways, the trip will depend on the things that definitely need to take with you on the road.
Defined list, of course, does not exist. Someone who constantly uses the services of iron road transport knows that it can take on the road in the first place, what items are indispensable for the trip.

Firstly, it is not necessary to lay away the soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, toilet paper. These are items that are sure to need. It is very convenient to use disposable wet wipes. Given that, the cleaning is not conducted on trains every hour.

Secondly, if the passenger squeamish should grab your bedding, towels, removable slippers, dishes. While lingerie is generally paid with the ticket purchase, but there is no guarantee that the conductor will give a new sealed package. Maybe the road will want to drink hot tea, then, is to capture his own cup and spoon. A slipper on the train at all irreplaceable.

Third, is there any way presents unpleasant surprises related to health. You may also want to put in your luggage certain drugs: pills, cotton, alcohol, bandages from sprains.

If the road will be long, it is worth thinking about food. Better to take the products that can be stored for a long time without refrigeration. Do not take more than the normal drinking water.

And finally, do not forget to take a train ticket, identity documents. The best in these suited will be a small compact bag. Documents and money are best kept in one place and desirable in itself. Bags RFID SAFE MONEY Belt and RFID NECK POUCH are will help you. You can choose the most convenient to you style: a shoulder bag or handbag - belt. This will ensure the safety of your most necessary items in the trip.

And when all things are collected, the main thing - in time to come to the platform and find the desired car, get in the right place.

Your train rides and now you can relax. Cozy Coupe - is not only a good night's sleep and a hot tea but also neighbors, random conversations, interesting books. The task of filling road leisure occurs immediately after checking the ticket conductor. What can you do with themselves in their spare time on the train?

A good way to adapt to the new situation, to think through lessons on arrival or simply relax. A good selection of music in the player will make the train go faster.

Easy to grasp the book. During the reading, you can forget about tapping bothersome train wheels, inconvenience hard place or about any troubles. A good choice is a modern adventure story.

The conversation with the friendly neighbors. Just you and stood on the platform in the hands of a ticket on the train, and now carries on a conversation with them. Time will fly by, and meet new people can come in handy in the future.

Eating harvested goodies. Food promotes sleep, free from heavy hesitation. Do not forget to treat the neighbor with something homemade. Thanks lift your mood, and the road will be more fun.

I think over all the way to advance, but be prepared for chance encounters, new discoveries. Sometimes the journey itself becomes a more interesting place of arrival.