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Travel by train with a child: what to consider

Last time we talked about what things you need to take a train ride

Any trip would be nicer if all the pre-plan, organize and cover all possible situations that can happen to you. If you are traveling with a toddler, then you need to write two lists: one for the child, and the second - the total.

Now moving by train remains more affordable than most other forms of transport. By the way, all these amenities can be found not only in the SW and coupe cars but also in the ordinary inexpensive reserved seat. Of course, that you have not been robbed, you need to be very carefully and take a responsible approach to the choice of the train.

If you decide to go with the child, then consider many things: food, change of clothes and entertainment.

- If you're holding a ticket to a good modern train, which is equipped with air conditioning, then you don't need to worry about drafts and heat. However, the conductor can overdo it with the air conditioning, so in any case worth taking warm clothes.

- Well, if you take a small toy constructor, coloring books, puzzles, electronic consoles, and of course, books.

- Remember also about the table games (backgammon, checkers, chess) that you can ask the guide absolutely free, ок games like "Word", "City" and others.

- As for food, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the "adult" food, such as smoked sausage, mashed potatoes and noodles, grilled chicken on the train is not the right thing for the children. Pre-buy baby food in jars: Various pies, vegetable and fruits, mashed potatoes, meat and, of course, instant porridge. It will be delighted outputting not only babies but also more mature kids. Fruits and vegetables better to wash at home , that they were ready to eat .

- Always remember about hygiene. You can help paper napkins, pot, normal and wet wipes.

What you need to take a trip on a train with a newborn:

Of course, such situations are very rare, but it happens sometimes need to travel by train with a newborn baby. To do this, you need to be sure to buy to take some friends rented a special cradle that the baby was in a supine position. So you will be most convenient to carry the baby.

You must put in the bag:

- rattle;

- more diapers (depending on how much you will need to go);

- napkins to wipe the baby's face

Under no circumstances should not forget the wet wipes, they will help you correct the situation, by any chance happen to children, "surprise." Especially often it happens on the road, so you have to be ready for anything. Of course, you need to take the children's clothes, shampoo, cream and other necessary items. If the trip is long, then a travel bag should be folded several pants, shirts and spare cap for your baby. Maybe the baby will need to change clothes.

What do I need to take a trip on a train with a year-old child:

Here is a list of useful things hardly changes, you only need to take another toy books, especially good if there are new items that the child had not yet seen. Musical toys will distract the baby for a while, which then need to be changed to something else.
When it comes to toys, the small children is ideal on the road drawing board or stick game on special boards with magnets (mosaic, dominoes, letters, bingo). If the child is older, you can buy CDs with favorite songs, riddles, tales and rhymes.

Traveling with a baby the baby should be given a lot of attention, and unfortunately, many thieves use it. You should be careful! Documents, money, cards, tickets, and keys better to keep in one place, preferably in one bag. For caring and neat moms that will suit bag Passport holder. In this bag, your documents are stored securely. Bag roomy, it has over 10 pockets for all the necessary documents on the road. You will be very comfortable with it to travel and you can be sure that all relevant documents will remain with you. Therefore, you can easily entertain your child and nothing to worry about.

Now you know that you need to take a train ride with the child. You have only to come up with a few quiet games to entertain the crumbs.