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How to collect the suitcase on the sea

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A few simple rules that will help you not to drag with them unnecessary things and at the same time every day, to look stylish and fresh.
- Bright sunshine combined with high humidity is the main principle of your wardrobe - white , - natural, - pure. These fabric gives a fresh feeling, which facilitates the perception of a hot day. But on white fabrics, and other light colors are clearly visible dirt and insects. Thus, it is necessary to take the soap.
Clothing with long sleeves, long skirts and trousers come in handy. They are justified not only because of the modesty of manners (they go well in any sacred place), but also in terms of climate: they help to avoid burns.

For tourist area suitable options with a mini-dress, shorts, T-shirts, but to visit the areas where they live and work with local people to dress better than a large, modest clothing.

- Look at the weather forecast before departure. If meteorologists forecast rain, be sure to take special clothes. Place the umbrella, raincoat and closed shoes. As for shoes- take the shoes which will be comfortable to fly on an airplane and go for a walk. As well as comfortable, do not rub the feet, sandals, good moisture passing and do not require special care.

- Headgear needs - period! Bleached hair becomes brittle and make an image of well-groomed, and overheating in the sun threatens to heat stroke. Protect your head with a hat, a cap or a hat. With mozheno scarf to tie a turban.

Do not forget to bring a warm jacket. In the morning and in the evening in the resorts of cool, so light sweaters and scarves will not be superfluous. Fine wool for such situations would be ideal: it warms in the cold and cool in hot weather.
What to put in your suitcase?

1.Nachnite to search the main Elements of your trip. For a beach holiday it is, of course, swimwear. You'll wear it every day, so buy one on the first shift. Second swimsuit must be different from the first to the cut, color and decoration.

2. Choose a simple and concise top - tight shirt, T-shirt and some large - a white jacket with long sleeves - fit shirt.

3. For a beach holiday is a good option sarongs and shorts made of thick fabric. Strive for diversity is necessary, otherwise, even if you change your way of clothing will be perceived equally. The third option would be a long skirt when visiting temples.

4. If in bag still left the place - take the dress. Tightly fitted sits on your hips luggage things already, so add them to dress with a short skirt and with her free hand. Take a cheap dress, because the sun and sea salt can damage any tissue.

5. Let's think about accessories: sunglasses and a hat from the sun is needed. Under them pick up a beach bag. A small bag on the road is useful for exploring the city, where you can put your phone, player, camera.

6. picking shoes, referring to clothing. Take high heels for a spectacular appearance. For urban walking and flight wear shoes with thin soles.

7. The final touch - jewelery: a pair of earrings and a bracelet will be enough.