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What to take a long trip by car?

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The trip by car, especially several days - a serious challenge not only for the driver but for the passengers. On the road, they may need a lot of different things that it would be prudent to seize in advance. So, what you need to put in a bag or backpack in the first place?

The trip by car: what to take to the road of the documents?

Starting with the fee to be the most important, that is - with documents. They should be available to all, without exception, who is inside the car. It should be particularly careful driver. Take the usual set of documents:

- registration certificate;

- driver's license;

- driver's license of the international sample (if you have to travel abroad);

- insurance;

- general civil and foreign passport;

- power of attorney to manage (if necessary).

The documents should be in one place. For this fit bag Passport holder. So they do not get lost and will not tear. Do not place them in the trunk or on the bottom of the traveling bag - If necessary, will have to go through all things. It will take time and will bring inconvenience. Location documents have to know every participant travel.

Tools for repair

If we're going on a long trip by car, do not forget about the minimum set of tools. Unfortunately, problems happen even on the road with the new car, and the nearby service center may not be. So every car owner must be willing to eliminate the fine on its own fault.

And for this to be put in the trunk of the car:

- pump;

- jack;

- set of wrenches;

- pliers and tongs;

- brace;

- rope for towing.

Distilled water - 5 liters better - in case of problems with the cooling system. Also, checks on the spot whether your warning triangle and spare wheel if alive.

Along with the tools be sure to take a flashlight with some extra batteries - without it carried out minor repairs will be difficult, especially at dusk. Useful and matches, it is desirable - hiking, waterproof. Do not forget the gasoline.

Personal hygiene items

If you are thinking what to take with you on a long trip by car (1000 km or more), be sure to take the time to collect toiletries. There are many things to take not worth it - everything you need can be purchased at convenience stores at petrol stations or in the shops located along your route. But if the time to call is not in them, advance purchase:

- and conventional wet wipes;

- comb and hairpin;

- decorative cosmetics, which you usually use;

- mirror;

- deodorant antiperspirant;

- toilet paper (in many public toilets, especially free, it can be omitted).

- Shampoos and gels should not take a shower - they will certainly be in the hotels in which you plan to stay for the night. And here is a small piece of soap is just by the way - he may need in the restrooms at the pump.

- Men need to take razor - conventional or disposable set. And women - feminine hygiene products.

Collect first aid kit

Some of what to take with you when you travel by car, is already there. We are talking about first-aid - according to current traffic, it is necessary to have every motorist. Before, you go on a journey carry out a thorough revision of the contents of first aid kits. Do all drugs acting shelf life? Whether all is in place? Make sure that the vehicle is fitted with:

- pills for motion sickness;

- analgesics, relieves muscle and headache;

- for diarrhea and activated carbon. Coal is better to take a minimum of 2 packages;

- at least 7-8 bactericidal plasters;

- bandage or gauze;

- iodine.

If you suffer from any chronic illness and are taking prescription medication, be sure to take them. Do not forget the bottled water for tablets. By the way, the water inside the vehicle should be at least one and a half liters per person for each day trip.

What the driver before the trip?

You are the driver and do not know how to prepare for a long trip behind the wheel? First of all, try to sleep well the day before travel. In the evening before going head to bed early, do not have an active mental activity.

In the morning instead of the traditional coffee drink a cup of strong green tea. Inside, you can take a thermos with freshly brewed tea.

Also, doctors recommend that drivers wear sunglasses with yellow or light-brown glass. It sharpens vision, making the surrounding objects more contrast.

What kind of clothes to take?

What to take with you when you travel by car from clothes? It all depends on the time of year, the length of your trip and the comfort of a car. But since most of the time you have to spend it in the cabin, do not wear on too many things. Summer is quite comfortable cotton shirts and trousers in the winter - sweaters and tight jeans. The rest of the clothes, especially warm, it is better to fold into the trunk or place in the cabin.

Also, grabs the ride:

- a change of clothes;

- one or two pairs of socks;

- headdress, depending on the time of year - a cap, demi-season hat, winter cap, etc.;

- slippers or flip-flops. They can be put on the residence time inside the car;

- bathing suit (if you are going to rest on the reservoir).

To properly meet - make your list for a trip by car. So you will not forget anything.

We wish you a pleasant and effortless travel experience of new places!