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What you need to take with you going to the coast

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Imagine a hot summer, you have a long-awaited holiday, which wants to spend soaking up the rays of the bright sun. Or maybe you are at the resort, where a visit to the beach, it's a daily ritual of relaxation and recreation? In any case, if you decide to spend your day at the beach, you need to know that always take to the beach and what things you definitely come in handy.

The first thing, without which it would be foolish to be on the beach - it's a swimsuit, and for man men's swimming trunks. Choose a suitable model, which will disrupt the imperfections of the figure and emphasize the dignity.

Beach towel or mat for lying. Going to the beach or a family now, a good option would be to take no heavy plaid.

Sunscreen. Do not neglect using it, because the scorch can be quite noticeable and will be unpleasant to go with red, and then peeling off the skin due to a forgotten cream. Some girls like to use a separate cream specifically for the face, and even lip balm.

Take and sunglasses, they will save from the appearance of wrinkles in the delicate eye area, and just does not allow you to squint all the time.

Take with a parasol. It happens that you go with a clear idea certainly sunbathing under the sun, but at some point it may get bored. Besides, empirically verified that under the umbrella stick tan no worse than in the open air.

Prepare some kind of cape if you want to go to the store.

Headgear - must-have accessory for a beach holiday. With beautiful hat less likely to get sunstroke.

Small bottle of water. The beach will want to drink and is the best suitable conventional mineral waters. Sweet drinks is better not to drink, it will only increase the thirst and appetite.

As for the food, too, should be considered. As a rule, the fresh air, so bathing field, appetite appears. Grab this is the case of fruit chew, you can stock up on sandwiches.

If you get tired of lying around or follow the other, you need a little entertainment. For this is well suited a book or magazine.

This list contains the basic things to take with you to the beach. Depending on the situation, a car or not, the availability of the company can be included here additional items as desired.

However, if you're on the beach, alone, does not enter with them expensive things and wallet full of money, as long as you bathe them someone might steal, and to rely on the care of strangers is unsafe. It is best to leave the documents and the principal amount of the money in the room or in a closed car. The documents and important papers are best kept in a bag so that if necessary not to look for the right document at all the bags with things. With this task to handle great bag Passport holder. It is compact, has many pockets for cards, money, tickets, documents, passports. Jewelry can be folded if desired it. And most importantly, it will fit in the safe, and you will not have to lay out all the bags in which you store documents.