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Travelling during pregnancy

Last time we talked about  What you need to take with you going to the coast

Can I travel during pregnancy? What to look for? We chose the most important issues to consider when planning a vacation during pregnancy.

For how long can you go?
The best time to travel - the second trimester 14-26 weeks. Already behind morning sickness and morning sickness, and with it - the morning sickness, the reaction to odors and stuffiness. Doctors insist on that long journey, you should plan not later than the seventh month of pregnancy since after this period there is a risk of premature birth. It is unlikely that you want the child was born on a train or in an airplane.

Does health insurance help?

In accordance with international regulations, health insurance does not include cases related to pregnancy and childbirth. Keep this in mind and contemplate additional amount for unforeseen medical expenses.

When is the ride better to give?

A future trip is sure to discuss with your gynecologist.
There is a serious medical contraindication, which is better not to joke. This include:

- Aggravation of any chronic diseases or allergic reactions.

- a problem associated with the formation of the placenta. In this case, even a small load increases the risk of uterine bleeding.

- Late toxicosis.

- The risk of miscarriage.

Nevertheless, we hope that these ailments will not affect you, and you are busy pleasant chores - to choose where you go. The best way to travel in the company (with husband, mother or friend), in which case you will feel more confident.

Where to go?

Pregnant women, of course, sometimes there are "quirks," but it's still in your position is better not to plan a vacation in exotic countries (such as Africa, Cuba, Mexico, Asia, etc.). To do this, there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, they are far enough so that the flight will be long and tedious.
Secondly, it is a completely different climate zone, which means - you are provided with temperature changes and problems with acclimatization.
Finally, specific infectious diseases in Africa and Asia, too, unfortunately, has not been canceled.
Relaxed and safe to drive in countries with similar climatic conditions - Croatia, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Baltic countries. Options closer and cheaper - Crimea, Valday, Seliger.

Things to do on holiday?

The most important thing - not the extreme! Now is better to prefer the least traumatic form of recreation. So for you now eliminated any extreme sports - windsurfing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, skiing, cycling tours.

What remains? Not so little! You can walk, picking berries in the woods, boating, and fishing.

Great lesson for future mother - swimming, especially in the clean sea water. Swimming is extremely useful for the musculoskeletal system, circulatory, cardiovascular system.

What be careful?

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause uterine bleeding effect on the heart and blood vessels (and thus close to fainting), causing varicosity, increased pigmentation spots on the skin. Sunlight should be avoided between 12 and 17 hours - the period of the so-called "active sun".

Do not experiment with new products. It is better to keep the old habits and try new very carefully, especially the exotic dishes.

What kind of transport is preferred for pregnant women?
This question is difficult to answer unequivocally: Each mode of transport has its own pros and cons. Judge for yourself:


Undoubtedly, the fastest form of transport, but during takeoff and landing are a sharp change in atmospheric pressure, it can lead to placental abruption (particularly if earlier there were some problems). However, if you all good health and you have decided to use the plane, during the flight, you should try not to sit in the same position. Perform simple exercises for the arms and legs.

A train

Not a bad option, but be careful with the maximum comfort on the road. You need to place on the bottom shelf. Stock up a sufficient amount of alcohol to be able to disinfect hands and various materials at hand.


It is good that from time to time you can stay on your way on your own. It is better to do it after every 200-250 kilometers for 5-10 minutes. The expectant mother is better to sit in the back seat. Mandatory requirement - a reliable seat belt. They should not put pressure on the stomach. Bring a supply of drinking water, fruit drinks, snacks.
You can put a comfortable pillow under the back to reduce the load on the spine.

Do not forget about safety.

Sometimes during pregnancy often changing mood and health. Often I want to use the toilet or something realties tasty. But as long as you fulfill their needs and desires, you should not forget about the documents. They may be lost or be stolen. Therefore, they must remain true test. The documents should be kept in one place so that nobody saw their location. It is desirable that the documents were always near you. Bag Travel Wallet RFID Blocking. Neck security Wallet & Passport Holder is the best option for storing documents. You can trust this bag its securities.

In short, pregnancy - is not a reason to abandon the holiday and travel! We need only to think that all is well and to calculate, and then you can really enjoy not only the sea, the sun and fresh air, but also to his new position.