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What do I need to take a hike

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The main thing that you need to take a hike - this is a large supply of optimism and good mood. Whatever your list of things to hike, be sure to include in it these two items. Well, if you speak more down to earth, to go on the tourist route in the company of friends, and, perhaps, with the child need prepared thoroughly.

In this article we look at the contents of the backpack of the "hikers" and find out what to bring to a campaign.


What do you need to take a hike in the first place? Of course, a backpack! Are you going to the woods or the mountains, this device will become your best friend for the next few days. Backpack should not be so easy to use, as well complicated. No need to pack their things so that when walking you crashed into the side of the bank's bad laid stew.

Tourists professionals have several backpacks:
- For a day trip - the capacity of the backpack is usually 15-35 liters;
- For a hike with an overnight stay - capacity ranging from 55 to 100 liters.

If you buy your first pack and do not know the exact length of the path, choose the middle option between 35 and 55 liters.

Sleeping bag

If accommodation is not included in your plans, it does not necessarily take. In the multi-day routes this item refers to the category of "must-have".
Many new tourists think to take a hike in the summer sleeping bag - this extra confusion, citing the opinion of warm weather and the presence of the tent.
In fact, here there is error. A sleeping bag ensures your comfort during sleep, and sleep better than you or your child, the more power you will have in the afternoon. In the hot season, you can simply confine light option - the so-called summer sleeping bag.
In the autumn or in the mountains you can not do without a well-insulated sleeping bag.

Tent for a hike

What a hike without a tent? No matter where you go and for how long, including tents in the list of things to hike a must. When deciding how many tents you need for your group, consider the fact that the regular multi-seat tents are usually easily fit on one person more. For example, in the triple tent for the night can comfortably accommodate four people and so on.

Going to the mountains or in the woods in the cold season, the preference is to give a multi-layer heat-insulated tents. In summer suitable model simpler and cheaper.


A small, but also very necessary thing on your list of things to a campaign. Experienced tourists in one voice say that karemat just need to take a hike. On the mat, you can lie down during a halt, or to sit with her for dinner or lunch.

Clothing and shoes for trekking

As is known, the mountains and the forest are totally indifferent to the new fashion trends. That is why you're hiking clothes should be, first of all, practical and comfortable. Let's understand that from your wardrobe to take a hike:

- Shoes. Having made a bad choice of hiking boots, you risk being in a very difficult situation - Corn just does not give you step and step! Go with a worn-only, proven and well-established footwear. Steam should be two: one - major, the second - removable and easier.

- Socks must be made of natural cotton or wool. No synthetics. 2-3 pairs would be sufficient.

- Pants must be chosen to accord to the weather. For example, in the mountains, where accommodation will be particularly cold, warmer pants handy. Professionals recommend the use of the spacious pants cut of rough, not blown fabric. Needless to say, we should not forget the spare pair - in the way you can get wet or damage clothes.

- Jacket. Perfect waterproof jacket with a hood. And if it is not blown by the wind, you incredibly lucky!

- Pullover. Couples sweater - warm and thinner - more than enough for any campaign.

- Headdress. Depending on the weather we put a warm hat, baseball cap, hat or a bandanna.

- Underwear, a raincoat.

If you travel in baby clothing list for it will be the same.

Useful things

Which of these things take a hike, and that - no, to decide, of course, to you, but experts strongly recommend grabbing everything.
- Set for a meal - a spoon, plate, cup, knife;

- Copy of the passport;

- mobile phone;

- Money;

- Head Torch;

- Matches, lighter fluid to ignite;

- A needle and thread;

- Personal hygiene;

- Camera (optional);

- Repellent (insect repellent).

Medicine chest

The list of things to a campaign would not be complete without a first aid kit. Naturally, no one wants to get sick in the mountains or in the woods, but you have to be ready for anything.

The structure of tourist kits typically include:

- For diarrhea;

- Activated carbon, smectite, mezim;

- General anesthetics' action means - ketanov, analgin;

- Funds from headache - spazmalgon, tsitramon, askofen;

- Antipyretic - paracetamol, Fervex;

- Funds from heartburn;

- Hydrogen peroxide, bandages, adhesive tape, tourniquet;

- Allergy medications;

- Validol nitroglycerin.

Fans of hiking with a child should be remembered that not all drugs are suitable for adults to children.


About what kind of food to take a hike, you can talk endlessly, because in many respects it depends on the tastes and preferences of individual visitors.

Asked what kind of food to take a hike, we can confine ourselves to the general recommendations who need to take note. Namely,:

- Choosing what food to take a hike, starting from a minimum weight of heavy products and replace similar but lighter. Thus, instead of bread loaves can be taken, but instead of fresh cheese - dried. Vegetables frozen recommended replacing the dry mix.

- All loose articles should not be stored in plastic bags. Groats pour into plastic bottles, spices, salt and sugar is determined in small glass jars

- Very easy to use plastic containers. In them you can keep the meat, sausages or sandwiches.

- Talking about what food to take a hike, many immediately think of the canned food. Here opinions diverge seasoned travelers. Some people prefer not to take them because of considerable weight, well, someone can not live without in the woods cooked stew.

- From an adult beverage is better to restrict water, tea and coffee. For the child can take the sweet juice or lemonade.

We very much hope that helped you decide that you need to take a hike. Enjoy your travels!