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How to travel with pets

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Planning a vacation but do not want to leave home a furry friend? Use these tips and make traveling with pets safe and easy

Travel with pets and make discoveries together
Whether your pet is a professional or a novice traveler, a trip with him will require additional preparation. Below is a list of what you need and can not do when traveling with pets. So now you and your furry friend will be able to immerse themselves in the great adventure.

Take the animal passport

Before the trip get relevant documents on the animal
Animal, traveling to foreign countries, also need documents. Passport required for all countries complying Scheme traveling with animals. It contains information about vaccines, identification data, the number of the microchip, as well as assure the signature of a veterinarian.

In the case of our favorite pets can never exclude the worst. Especially if your pet likes to wander alone on the street. Temporary identification tag with your phone number and the name of the place where you left off during the holidays to help quickly find the pet in case of loss.

Go check by a veterinarian before departure
Before you travel, go to the vet to check the health of your pet and promptly make all vaccinations. Go check beforehand: some vaccines are effective only if you make them three weeks before departure. After the veterinarian will make an entry in the passport of the animal that his health is fine.

If your pet is nervous during the trip, the vet may already give him a sedative. Nevertheless, the International Air Transport Association recommends that animals are transported without giving him prior to this medication. This rule is intended to help avoid complications with breathing or sense of balance during flight. Try soothing natural origin. Another good idea: weary pet before the trip, so he could easily sleep through it.

Transport of animals in the plane

On the animal is necessary to take a separate ticket. Different airlines may have different rules and prices for the transport of animals on the plane. To be able to take it into the cabin, the favorite should weigh no more than 8 kilograms (rules for Weight may vary depending on the airline). And his carrying bag, appropriate standards of IATA, must fit under the seat in front of you. It would be desirable, it is impossible to produce a pet from carrying during the flight. Pets weighing more than 8 kilograms transported in the luggage compartment.

If you are traveling by car

Fasten your seat belt! Even your pet need a strap or security system.
Animals roaming the road can create a dangerous situation. Special suspension system with lock barrier, holding your pet from getting into the front seat, will help ensure safety during the trip. Car breast-bands for dogs also protect your pet at the same time freeing up some space in the back seat. Go to the pet store and find the breech-band that fits your vehicle.

During long journeys take a break every two or three hours so that your pet can relieve themselves. Fresh air and movement will give you both the opportunity to stretch your legs before you hit the road again. Book accommodation in hotels, which allowed the animals.
This is obvious, but it is worth recalling: choose a hotel that accepts tenants with pets. Some hotels even offer pet owners the additional services: any furry guests from rabbits to beagles will be taken by a king. The animals here offer special beds and treats.

Do not forget to water, toys and food supply
The travel your pet finds solace in the familiar things and toys. An old blanket or a favorite teddy bear to help him feel calm and take the road to fidget.
Do not expect to buy all the food for the animal at the destination. You are taking a big risk not to find the right type or brand. However, traveling with several kilograms of food can be difficult. Find a compromise: do reserve a couple of days, and upon arrival immediately contact your veterinarian to see if there is your favorite brand is sold. And take plenty of water for long road trips. A pet can not ask for, but still, regularly give him a drink.

Going on a trip should not forget about your documents! Passports, other documents, money, tickets, keys, cards are a necessary attribute of a journey. For their convenient transported best to use the bag Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking. It is quite compact and does not bring inconvenience on the trip, and at the same time roomy. It has more than 10 pockets so that it will fit in your papers and documents and an animal. This can guarantee you a secure storage of documents while traveling.