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Important points when planning a honeymoon

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For each of the fair sex, one of the most memorable and exciting days it is, of course, the wedding. To it is necessary to prepare in advance to take into account many aspects and nuances. Moreover, in addition to the pre-planning of the celebration, buying the dress, preparation of the entertainment program, menu development, etc., deserve special attention and also activities related to the careful thought honeymoon.

It is no secret that more and more common among newlyweds are trips to foreign resorts in recent years. This trend is, in many respects is more suitable because the tours are becoming increasingly available from a financial point of view. As a result, a couple in love, celebrated their wedding day, goes to the romantic trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. By this process, the bride and groom should be prepared in advance. For example, select the country where you want to go, to explore the prices for hotels, find suitable accommodation and book it in advance.

In addition to the previously mentioned items for couples in love, which is going to carry out a honeymoon abroad, it is also important to take care of the pre-registration and the collection of the necessary documents. In such a trip should be well to watch their belongings and documents, otherwise you may find yourself in an awkward situation. Of course, love is not up to it. Therefore, we recommend thinking in advance about the safety of your documents. Bag Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking will securely store all your important papers and documents. The bag has many pockets and zipper, which guarantees secure storage of documents . Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking can be worn over the neck, and just in the hands - so the documents will always be with you, and they will be easier to control. Bag is not large, so do not bring you discomfort.

Also, it must be remembered that the list may be different, depending on what it is to want to visit the newlyweds during their honeymoon.

Several of the recommendations for a successful honeymoon:

- Start planning the honeymoon for at least half a year, then you can get the air tickets and accommodation at the best price.

- Decide what this trip is mainly for you. The new space, a wide range of possibilities for leisure or pleasure each other in beautiful surroundings?

-Set a budget. On this depends the travel destination, the time and duration.

-Honeymoon in Europe fits well if you have a small budget and little time, because the flights are short on time and travel quite a few weekends or a week.

-In the case of a trip to Europe, select the time from spring to autumn, when the weather is warm and sunny.

-If you choose exotic locations count on a bigger budget and at least 10 days because flights will take time.

-In the case of visits to the Caribbean and Asia, the best fit time from autumn to spring, in some cases, from spring to summer.

-If you can spend a large sum, then choose luxury resorts designed for couples only.

-No matter where you decide to go, bring a suitcase full of love and a bag full of good mood, and then in any case, your honeymoon will take place wonderful.

- Over 6 months up to their honeymoon

Decide where you want to spend your honeymoon -. On a tropical resort, a tour of the city, on a cruise, etc. Talk to your friends and family about the places of leisure and hotels. Calculate a budget honeymoon, since tickets to the cost of the site. Check out the offers of travel companies, advertising in magazines and directories.

- For the 5 months prior to the wedding trip

Choose a travel agency, which will cooperate. Make sure you have learned all about the special tours for honeymooners. If you do organize your holiday, start to gather information about hotels and tickets.

- 3 months before a wedding trip

Order tickets for plane or train. Find out what documents and visas required for your trip. Well as to prepare, if necessary, a passport.

- 2 months before the honeymoon

Start thinking about your luggage. Get travel needs things.

- For 1 month before the wedding trip

If you have a camcorder, check if it is working properly, and if you have enough memory. Consider purchasing insurance. Take care of the credit card. Make a copy of your full itinerary with phone numbers to leave loved ones. Time to make a list of things needed on the trip (clothes, cosmetics, and others.).

- 1 week before the honeymoon

Purchase a ticket. Pack the dresses and suits in the suitcase. Pack the items in the bag. If you need foreign currency exchange it in sufficient quantities.

- Departure day honeymoon

Check that you have brought the money and documents. Check the departure time before leaving for the airport. Find out what time registration begins in advance and go to the airport.

We wish you a pleasant journey and a romantic mood!