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What not to do in foreign countries

Last time we talking about Important points when planning a honeymoon

Going on a trip, we often strive to grab all the entertainment, because we often neglect some rules. We have compiled a list of things that do not necessarily make a journey.

Do not drink from the minibar

Upon arrival at the next point of the trip, we usually, first of all, get acquainted with our temporary home - the hotel, which decided to settle. Do not forget that you are - in the hotel. We dare to give some recommendations for action, which is better to refrain from the hotel.

For example, this beautiful chest joys, located on the prominent place - mini-bar, can bring you not only a few pleasant hours over a bottle of drink but also a lot of unpleasant emotions later - when you get a bill for it. Believe me, it is better and much more economical than a stroll around the neighborhood in search of a cozy wine supermarket or grocery stores, you pay 8 times the size of a chocolate bar entice you.

Also, seasoned travelers are advised not to lean out of the window and do not drink from the cup of the hotel. When choosing a hotel, do not neglect the reviews and photos from real travelers. We all understand that the tourist brochures rarely have accurate information.

Do not lean against the doors

Focus communicating with the locals is that each country has its own subtleties in this matter. Be sure to check them before you go somewhere else. Here are just some of them.

Relations with strangers. For example, in the US it is normal to lean against a stranger in public transport, but the Swedes find it unacceptable. Climb out of turn is not recommended anywhere, especially in England and Scandinavia.

Following the conversation, a good think about how to choose a topic for conversation. Norway is not very fond of talking about the church, the British decided not to ask about income.

Do not give a tip

Going on shopping abroad, read the local rules of the game. There are countries with which to bargain - clearly, loudly and enthusiastically. For example, in India and in some countries of the East who did not bargain for the purchase, it may lose the respect of others.

It is also different in different people, and the attitude to tipping. If the remuneration of the waiters and staff in America Do not just mandatory, in Japan on a tip left you can even take offense.

Do not take a taxi

Going sightseeing, we do not recommend to use a taxi but still use the public transport. A lot of advantages: urban transport - is still part of the local color, as it is much less likely to get stuck in traffic, well and most importantly - the helpful taxi drivers usually try to make a very long and very expensive tour for visitors.

In addition, making a list of attractions to visit, remember that you do not have to pay for everything. Of course, entry into many interesting spots worth the money. But at the same time, there are a lot of entertainment in which you can get for free - for example, the Tiergarten in Berlin or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The toll did not hesitate to take an interest in the benefits or discounts that you can get (as a traveler or student).

To save time and to give it the most interesting (especially if you come for a couple of days), do not neglect the opportunity to make a reservation or purchase tickets to the most popular route.

Do not neglect the safety of your documents. Do not leave your documents without supervision. Always keep them with you or leave them in the hotel safe. Do not scatter them on different tables and cabinets rooms. This may cause inconvenience, if necessary quickly to find some of the documents. For secure storage, we recommend that you use a bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking. It is convenient in that you add up all of the documents, money, keys and batch certificate included in one bag, so no problems when necessary show your documents. The bag has a large number of pockets and zip, so all of the securities will not fall out.

And finally - do not forget the card;)