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How a cheap rest on the sea and abroad

Last time we talking about What not to do in foreign countries

The question is, how cheap rest on the sea or abroad, asking myself, not only people with modest savings but also those who are simply inclined to save rather than spend their money. Very often the same services available in completely different prices, depending on the time and place of their provision.

Spending on holiday at sea or abroad shall consist of:

- Travel or trip there and back,
- Accommodation,
- Food,
- Leisure,
- Treatment
- Other minor expenses.

Now try to figure out how to cut the costs of all of these attributes needed rest.

30 Council as cheap to rest on the sea and abroad

Preparing for an inexpensive vacation
1. Find out where cheaper to buy the currency at home or in the country rest. Bring cash to avoid paying commission from ATMs. Remember, at railway stations and airports very unfavorable exchange rates for tourists.

2. Download the application for your mobile phone special for the country's tourist attractions you are visiting. They will be indispensable helpers and guidelines for you.

3, book your place in advance to cheaper hotels to relax at sea or abroad, when the season is yet to come.

4. Read about the place where you are going, about its attractions, cuisine, and traditions.

5. Look for the latest offerings, the prices of which are grossly underestimated.

6. If you are a frequent traveler, then you can buy a tourist multi-insurance.

7. Take a first aid kit with the necessary medicines that, if necessary, you can remove the sharp pain or an allergic reaction to the local food.

8. Do not choose the peak season for leisure. So you can save considerably on the road, and on accommodation. The restaurants, shops, and beaches at this time there is no queue, and the service is cheaper.

9. Do not take too many things and weigh your bags at home, so you do not pay extra for baggage.

10. But too little, too, do not need to take, so you do not have a lot of things to buy more. To cheap to rest on the sea, do not spend money to buy toothbrushes, creams, bathing suits at the resort. Take it all from home.

11. The cheapest form of recreation at sea is a camp where people live in areas at designated tents, resting from the "excesses of civilization."

How to save on flight and Travel
12. If you are alone in the journey, you can get to a place of rest hitchhiking. This method of movement implies a free ride if your destination is not too far away. However, some people manage to travel all over Europe and hitchhiking.

13. Try to choose a time when the flights are cheapest. For example, in one and the same flight ticket price Tuesday differs substantially from its value on Friday. Prices depend on the time of day and the month and day of the week.

14. In order to have more money left to rest himself, find cheap parking for the car near the airport. It will be much cheaper than to leave the car at the airport.
15. Gather all the necessary documents, important papers, cards, tickets, money and keys in one bag. You do not need to search for documents on all the bags if necessary. Try to keep the bag with the documents besides him. For this purpose is an ideal bag Passports Holder with RFID Blocking. The bag more than 10 pockets of various sizes that are suitable for cards, money, tickets, passports and keys. Another plus it - shoulder straps. With the help of bag will always be under your supervision.

16. Sometimes to destinations much cheaper to get not direct trains and airplanes, and the "passing". See routes with transfers and indirect flights.

17. You can compare prices for flights from different airlines and combine flights and flights from various airports. So you can save considerably on vacation from savings on a flight.

18. To break for less at sea, go there by car. Especially if you are traveling a few people, it is advantageous to drive the vehicle when the cost of fuel is divided into all.

19. Take to the road food. It must be non-perishable foods and heavy, but high-calorie and delicious. Service airplanes and trains, of course, there is, but it is clear that there is even a muffin will cost you more expensive than the one that you take with you.

20. To save on accommodation during your holiday, not populated in expensive hotels. Prices are much higher than in the private sector.

21. Take not the big house and the rooms. So you will be able to save on summer vacation. In fact, all the free time you will spend on the beach or on excursions, and accommodation you will only need to spend the night. (Read about what to bring on a bus tour.)

22. If you want a cheap break abroad in expensive cities like New York or Paris, you can save it on your accommodation. Rent is not a hotel and hostels. The financial benefits at the same time just obvious.

economical Activity
23. It is not necessary to spend much time in expensive nightclubs and restaurants.

24. Play beach volleyball, football. It's free and fun!

25. Do not go on all the excursions that you will be offered at each corner. Carefully analyze the proposed routes.

How to save on food during the holidays
26. Eat not in restaurants, cafes and cheap. Or buy food and cook for themselves. If you really want to try something exotic, then order small portions.

27. Do not overeat. It is better to drink more than if you went on holiday in hot countries. This is a big plus: you can during your cheap holiday to not only relax, but also to lose weight, become slim, attractive and beautiful.

28. Think carefully about how you will spend your leisure to take home the right shoes and do not buy it at the resort.

29. If you are traveling by car, bring a canned food, pasta, potatoes, so all this is not to buy on holiday.

30. If you like to eat plump, take tours with service "all inclusive" or with a "buffet".

31. Give preference to products that are made or grown in a place of rest. They are much cheaper than imported food from afar.

As you can see, a rest cheaply at sea or abroad, you can, if you do not spend the money, but to save them. But overdo it with the savings on vacation, too, is impossible. Otherwise, you will not get a good impression on the result and the positive charge of vivacity, and negative emotions and stress.