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How to behave with foreigners

Last time we talking about How a cheap rest on the sea and abroad

If you find no difficulty with people from one city or country, communication with foreign visitors can sometimes confound both you and your foreign friend. And the reason is not that you do not know how to communicate or that foreigners - people are special. Not at all. It's just that each country has its own completely different from others, culture, traditions that have evolved over the centuries and, of course, left their mark on the person. So, if in the near future you will be meeting with foreign guests, please note our advice. Of course, they are not a panacea for all occasions, but something unpleasant situations which you can not escape and "lose face."

What is striking in the first place - so it's not quite a gentleman's treatment of the female sex. Occasionally a man will give the foreign lady's hand DURING exit from the transport, skip forward, give way. And the whole point here is not the lack of culture or impolite, just such behaviors they do not have. This is a consequence of many years of women's struggle for their rights. So now that they have every right to carry heavy bags without assistance. And if your foreign friend entered first in the door and even held it, do not take offense to it - in the best case, he just does not understand the reasons for your dissatisfaction. For him - is the norm.

And now let's see what features exist when dealing with a representative of a country.

So familiarity. Your friend introduced you to his foreign friend. What's next? The Englishman, as a rule, will not reverse the process of dating any attention and then tell some fresh anecdote or a story of life. Even if the British humor usually leaves you indifferent, we recommend at least draw a smile on his face: British - people are vulnerable and easily hurt. And he will smile - you immediately invited to the cafe.

As for the visit to the bar, everything is more complicated. Firstly, he may even be a person who does not drink (it is very fashionable in the United States) or drink to the point that you have to carry your new friend home and pay them out of pocket for all drunk.

You should know that the British prefer beer to all other alcoholic beverages. If you were invited to the British company, it should be remembered that in England are usually friends gather in pubs (cheap drinking establishments), where they can spend more than one hour for a beer. At the same time, they are very noisy observe a strict rule to treat each other with beer. In the English tradition, as a rule, the first in the company's books treat the eldest.

If you decide to talk with the British without a translator, you should know that he will not make allowances for your not quite excellent knowledge of the language, and will be talking, not paying attention to what you are talking long lost.

Before you start a conversation with the country representative of the Stars and Stripes, ask him to talk too fast - the caller will not be offended. And if in the course of the conversation you feel something is not clear, do not hesitate to interrupt him and ask again (or ask him to explain the strange word, if you do not have a dictionary at hand). But know this: you always lose a good attitude to his new friend, if he catches you on the fact that you could not understand, yet nod his head, even if only out of politeness.

But the Frenchman, even knowing the English language, for any price, will not "go down" to in order to communicate in English. But, if you met a Frenchman who knows the Russian language, it already does not stop: it will be eloquent (by the way, this also applies to the Dutch). And they rejoice in any opportunity to write in their notebooks fervent Russian words! In this case, you can indulge in even the English language, to explain the meaning of the word.

Here are the basics, the knowledge of which will help you in a difficult situation quickly navigate and make the right decision. Of course, there are various different Americans and Italians, and all can not be compared, but still the country, the culture (and geographical location) leave their mark on this or that nation.