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How to prepare your child for the first trip to the sea

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Taking into account the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, children under three years is better not to take out to the resorts, the climate is very different from the climate where they live, and it is not recommended to take out from winter to summer.
In places of rest is necessary to observe basic safety requirements: taking into account that a small child wants everything to taste, do not forget that some plants can be poisonous. And also do not forget to adhere to the conditions of residence of the child in the water and in the sun.
The first three days is recommended to use a cream with a maximum degree of protection - 50, then you can gradually reduce the degree of protection to 30.

Being a child in the sun should be minimal, mainly children better in the shade.
You must not forget about panama and comply with food and drink regime.
After bathing, it is necessary to soak the ears and avoid drafts. And of course, do not forget to take your medicine cabinet!

What preparations need to take with you on vacation? Is it possible to buy local products?

Better to take all necessary medications with them. If there was an emergency and had to call a doctor, you can buy a doctor recommended medication, but only on prescription. In no case do not buy their own unfamiliar medications.

On vacation, you should bring the following:
- Thermometer. Better email because it is safer in transit.
- Anti-inflammatory agents in the candlelight. It can be in the form of syrup, but should take into account that the bottles - more fragile, can break during transport.
- Plasters, bandages.
- Iodine and hydrogen peroxide
- Antipyretic tablets or syrup.
- Pills for motion sickness.
- The cream used for sunburn.
- Antihistamine gel in case of insect bites.
- Antihistamines - in the case of allergies.
- Medicines in a case of indigestion.
And other medications that the pediatrician may recommend, watching your child.

We recommend that before you go to register on the child's extended health insurance, as in this case, you get a guarantee that upon the occurrence of the disease the child will be examined by a pediatrician, and you will be given an interpreter.

So we should not forget about the documents. The fact is that when you go on vacation with the child will have to pay attention to him. Prepare food, smear sunblock, wipe the baby after bathing, playing with him in the game. All these things distract us from the control of documents. The robbers just this hope. Therefore, important papers, documents, and an expensive phone are not worth taking to the beach. It is best to add all the documents in one bag. If you have a safe in the room, be sure to use them. Do not take to the beach a lot of money. Take as much as you can afford to spend 1 day. For storage and transportation of documents is the best instance Passports Holder with RFID Blocking. She has a pen that you can use across the shoulder and at the same time keep the documents there. The bag has many pockets with Velcro and snakes. It will be a place for multiple passports, cards, tickets, money, keys so that all your documents are in complete safety. This bag will be very useful for mothers who have decided to travel with the kids.

For which period do you recommend to go to the sea with a small child?

Better to leave at least three weeks, and it is better for a month, as a small child process of adaptation to the new site takes about 10 days and a trip for a shorter period for the baby - stress, not relaxation. Children older than three years can be taken out for two weeks. It is not recommended to do with a child long flights, as well as go to rest in the middle of the season when airports and planes are full and there is a risk of contact with sick people.

Many children suffer heavily flight in an airplane. What do you recommend for the relief of this condition?

A child who is breastfed, I recommend to the chest during takeoff and landing aircraft. Older children or placed on artificial feeding can be given a bottle of drink. For older children can suck on hard candy. All that is necessary to swallowing reduced pressure on the eardrum.

Do I have to somehow prepare the child for the trip to the sea? What to do if your child became ill just before the trip?

Before the trip, the sea needs to show the child's pediatrician, who regularly watch the child make sure that the child is ready for this event. In the "Children's Diagnostic Center" can undergo a rapid and complete examination of the child before going to sea.
We can not forget the vaccination, especially if you go to Africa and Asia.
You can strengthen the immune system of the child, as in the process of flight and rest will have a lot of contacts. Typically, pediatricians recommend homeopathic medicines which increase immunity. One of these drugs, you can start to take a week before the trip, one tablet once a day.

If the child is seriously ill just before the trip, it makes sense to give it up, because complications are complications, and no one can be to you to ensure that vacation spot you will have professional assistance, not to mention the fact that long-term relocation and migration for a sick child - it is a huge stress.

Does it make sense to carry with them on vacation usual for baby products, or you can buy local without fear?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the hotel, whether children's menu is available. In this case, you can bring nothing to carry. If a child is on artificial feeding, the mixture should be taken with a sufficient amount for the entire stay. Mixtures even one brand produced in different countries may differ in composition, which may cause allergic reactions. Canned food to bring with them is not necessary.
Nursing mothers also should not forget that on holiday you must stick to your diet and not to enter into the diet of new products.

What mode should follow the child, while the sea?

Abiding by the sea and the sun, preferably before 11 am and after 17 pm. The first stay in water should not exceed 15 minutes, the maximum time finding a child in the sea is an hour. Absolutely necessary nap, as the sea and the sun child, loses more energy than in normal circumstances. Even if a child does not usually sleep during the day, the sea, we recommend entering the nap, or at least a day of rest, at least for children up to 5 years.

The most important thing - is to listen to the recommendations of the pediatrician and needs of the child and not to forget the house a good mood, then your first trip to the sea will be very successful!