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Safety precautions when traveling abroad

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Everyone wants his vacation was calm, but it is not always. The knowledge about the history, traditions and modern life of the host country to help orient in unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, there are simple rules that will help tourists to get away during the holiday abroad.

Preparing for Your Trip
Before traveling abroad, it is best to write the number of the Russian embassy or consulate in the country to which you are traveling, as well as the police phone numbers, ambulance, and fire.

The European Union is a single call number in an emergency - 112. This phone should be declared a mobile phone address book if you are planning to travel to European countries. In Egypt, the number is 123 rescue (ambulance), 122 (Police) and 180 (fire). In Thailand, it is 1554, 1155 and 199, respectively, while in the US the number for all services is one - it is 911 for all mobile operators.

Furthermore, it should make copies of all documents (passports, visas, tickets, insurance), especially if you go to a country with an unstable socio-political situation. That copies of the documents should be to carry on the street, and the originals are better left in your hotel safe, not to lose.

During leisure

Follow simple safety rules, namely:

► Do not use local spirits, as well as you are not sure. Also, do not drink water from the tap: it is possible, it does not pass the cleaning, which can lead to poisoning. It is best to drink bottled drinks international brands manufacturers.

► Try not to move around a strange country alone. Better to do it in an organized group of tourists with a guide. If you do decide to travel alone, choose safe hiking trails, do not forget to bring copies of the documents, cell phone and a map of the area. Well, if you know the local language - if not, write down key phrases yourself, or save to your phone.

► In some countries, on the street, you can approach the representatives of "travel agency" and offer sightseeing tour with a big discount. Such a proposal should be treated with suspicion, there is a chance of running into scams that will take away the money, and the service will not be provided. There is a possibility also to buy a ticket at the company's illegal in this case, no one can guarantee that a driver Busses has enough qualifications to carry tourists and that with you during the trip did not happen. To avoid this problem, ask the representative of the travel agency show you the license to operate, see their website - usually, illegal companies do not have them or they are made of poor quality. General recommendation: contact those travel agencies that have agreements with the Russian tour operators, and the acquisition of a contract for the purchase of travel services. Remember that legitimate travel companies include travel costs and insurance in case of force majeure.

Do not forget about the safety of documents. Never give them to strangers. Select a small convenient bag and store all documents in one place. The bag should be compact and spacious at the same time. For these purposes, you can use the bag Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is worn on the neck, and you will not have to carry a bag in his hands. Moreover, all documents will be under your supervision. There are several pockets for cards, money, passports and tickets. Pockets are fixed with zipper and velcro, so the safety of your documents is guaranteed.

What do you need to insure for the period of holidays?

► Insurance - is the key word for the traveler. If you are traveling to a country with a visa, the insurance you may need just to get the permission to enter. If you go to the visa-free countries, it is all up to you. Many experts strongly recommend insuring their lives and health on the trip. But buying insurance, it should be clarified that it covers one or other insurance, in what amount you will be insured, how, where and in what order to apply. It is also important to clarify the number of cases of non-insurance. Employees of insurance companies are required to provide you with all the necessary information.

What to do in case of an emergency?

1. In the event of an emergency abroad, the first thing to do is to inform the Russian Consulate or your travel agent (in extreme cases - relatives). The list of Russian consulates in the world can be viewed at the link.

2. If you are taken a hostage or kidnapped, it should not resist. It is recommended that the initial orders of terrorists. When carrying out a special operation to free the hostages is recommended to lie on the floor, unable to move, until the appropriate instructions from the staff of special forces will be obtained.

3. Stay calm in case of natural disasters. If there is an earthquake hazard, do not approach the high-rise buildings and power lines. While in the house, take the safest possible position between the doorways or in corners of rooms.

4. If you are warned that a tsunami approaching, the farther you can go to the coast, the better. With a should take only documents. If the tsunami approaching informed too late, try to get to the top floors of buildings robust design.