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How useful holiday in the mountains

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Of course, holidays in the mountains is less popular, unlike the rest at the seaside. As they say, an amateur. As it turns out, because many people underestimate the benefits of this type of recreation. And perhaps learn some beneficial effects on human have mountains change their minds.
Let's start with the mountain air. The air in the mountains is crystal clear, moreover, its density is less than the usual for us the conditions of the plains. Due to this factor, the sun's rays neutralize various harmful microorganisms.
Along with low density, in the mountain air oxygen, it contains less than at sea level, which makes the work a different respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

By activating their potential, improves the body's activities:
- Stimulation of bone marrow carried out the work, thereby strengthening the immune system, increases the activity, performance, and overall health.
- Mountain climate is favorable for hypertensive patients, people suffering from coronary artery disease, asthma, bronchitis, people with stomach ulcers, duodenum, etc.

Holidays in the country are advised to psychologists, because the mountains have biofield, has a therapeutic effect, marvelous mountain beauty: rocky and snow-capped peaks, combined with green grass, wild rivers and spurting out of the ground springs with clear water, hovering in the sky proud birds amaze help to disconnect from the bustle of the city, organize thoughts and closer touch with nature.
But even more fortunate to those compatible with the passive contemplation of the beauty of the mountain and intensive study of the terrain - hiking on mountain trails, which enhance the body's endurance, strengthens the skeletal muscles.

When walking in the mountains, especially when lifting, heart rate increases significantly, in parallel and increases oxygen uptake, which contributes to enhancing the metabolic processes that lead to the overall positive effect on the body.
However, it should be remembered that during the descent to the joints is a significant load. First of all this information for people suffering from joint diseases and overweight. People belonging to this category, it should be possible descent by cable car, in which will be able to once again enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery from a bird's flight.

There are a number of important points that should be taken into account, going to the mountains:

1. Mountain vacation is not recommended for people suffering from low pressure and vascular disorders.

2. Shoes, in which you plan to travel in a mountainous area, should be comfortable: sneakers, running shoes and ideal for mountain walks - overpriced shoes with thick soles to ensure the stability of the foot.

3. Items must be comfortable, not to hinder movement, one must have warm sweaters, jackets, as even in the hot summer period in the mountains at night cold.

4. Do not interfere with sunscreen. If long walks we recommend the use of headgear that protects from the sun.

5. While on vacation in the mountains, in any case, do not neglect safety rules:

- Keep track of weather changes that instead of positive emotions do not get unpleasant surprises in the form of torrential rains, landslides, avalanches, etc.;
- Going for a walk, put someone else in known about the route of movement;
- Moving, carefully try to trim trail, a place setting a stop to avoid sprains, contusions, fractures.
Subject to these essential details holidays in the mountains will leave you a lot of unforgettable positive emotions and a healthier body.

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