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Bicycle journey alone

Last time we talking about How useful holiday in the mountains

Once the bike was invented, people went hiking on the bike alone. More than 100 years ago, even the first trip around the world have been committed. So let's talk about the phenomenon as a single journey on a bicycle.

Reasons independent bicycle trips.
And why exactly is it that people are sent to the cycling trip alone? The basic reason is the lack of adherents among the entourage. What can you do if your friends and comrades are not addicted to biking or do not have long for this opportunity? All the same, as if someone did not want to be alone with him, a good friend, often only help to make the holiday even better. Alternatively, bring your pet, why not?

At the same time, not many newcomers know that there are lots of free offers from different organizers, who are ready to take your business to a stranger. But such a possibility, it is necessary only to look. There is nothing wrong, should not be shy, though their risk is. Participants of the group must be both physical and psychological compatibility. No one is cast in trouble, but some strife is taking place.
This is also the reason why people go in a single journey on a bicycle, do not want to depend on anybody and no sum.

And, of course, a lot of really just want to be certain time alone with yourself and your thoughts. Take a reboot rest of society and of the negative that it can carry.
Single cycling trip can be even stopping compare pilgrimages to monasteries and churches because there are many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

We gradually moved to the advantages and disadvantages, let's look at them, and then how to prepare for a single journey.
The advantages of a single journey on a bicycle
Single bike tour by bike

Self-knowledge - the main thing that can get traveler. Only in such unusual conditions, it is possible to explore all the facets of his character, to make "corrections to the wind," try to be a little better, and learn, and the positive aspects of his "I". However, I would not have argued that to go hiking, you will once the truth is revealed. Sometimes you need to direct your thoughts in the right direction, not to squander them on thoughts like "what a bad road," "damn, another rise", "instead of a flat tire if I have", etc.

Traveling alone - it is your merit. Are you planning on their own, are worried about all the moments of preparation for the cycling trip themselves (I recommend reading about it via the link), and, accordingly, only you are responsible for the result. You do not have someone to blame, no one will blame you. There is a unique opportunity to organize everything so that as soon as you want it. And it becomes the following advantage.
The feeling of freedom. This item has a dual interpretation. Firstly, there is freedom of choice. If you are traveling, then a comfortable speed when to stop, then as often as you want. Pick and choose the time and place of lodging. And this is much easier, not to look for a clearing where you can put a lot of tents, always as a last resort, you can dive into nearby bushes or even ask someone in the yard. Secondly, it is an indescribable feeling, a sense of real life, when you dissect the wind over the vast expanses of our land. And then you stop, and you realize that you're here alone, it's all yours as if nature itself for thousands of years trying for one of you. And no one you have now will not take this feeling of freedom.

Obtaining important skills. Many things have to do on their own, perhaps for the first time, and if something does not know how it has any choice but to learn it. Sometimes we have to maximize the use of your mind to get out of a particularly difficult situation. But for the beginner and does a lot can be unexplored: the installation of tents, campfire (even though it is more convenient to cook on a gas burner), cooking, minor repairs. The decision of different tasks - an interesting and useful process. Even if you think you know how much, the campaign can be a surprise, then, most likely, you become the owner of a new skill.

Unexpected love. Of course, you can choose a time of the year and the direction that the people are not met. Often, however, to the lonely traveler attracted the attention of tourists and local residents, they are configured favorably nourish a real interest in you and your adventure. And therefore there is a great opportunity to have interesting conversations if it wants to. And do not be sad, such a conversation is useful to start.

Disadvantages travel by bike alone.
Of course, these shortcomings are.

The psychological aspect.
You may find that you are not ready for such a challenge, without companions feel lonely and helpless. Then the impressions of the trip will be spoiled. In any case, loneliness needs something to compensate but talk about it further.

Damage to the road.
From this no one is immune to the selection of the repair kit should be carefully approached. You also need to be aware of how to glue and change the camera, adjust the brakes. For more complex breakdowns may need replacement parts. With all the hard to handle alone.

In which case, treat yourself to have their own, which is sometimes a considerable problem in sparsely populated areas.

Security. The lonely traveler less protected from possible attacks. Although I have never heard of such stories. In popular areas, such as the Crimea and the Carpathians is often no such problems, and on the bike, if that, and you can leave quickly. There is also the fear of spending the night in a tent. Of course, it is necessary to hold a knife, but then again I have never heard of such attacks. Sometimes I lie at night in a tent, listen to various rustling, expect it is not known why, but when in the morning you wake up, and then you see where you are actually located, you realize that people, especially with bad intentions, besides the night had nothing to do here . Finally, there are difficulties with the bike and things, when you come to a shop or other place, no one to leave them.

Photo. It is rather a joke, but to capture their face amidst beautiful scenery a bit more complicated. Although it is a self-portrait even invented the especially fashionable word "selfie". They will have to use.

Tips traveling by bike alone

Think about what you do in the evening, after the completion of the active phase of the day. At this time, there is just the complexity. Loneliness needs something to replace, to compensate. It is recommended to take an interesting book, magazine, music and possibly come up with something else to do. In addition, you need to carefully look for a stopping place. On how comfortable, safe and comfortable feel they also depend on the satisfaction of doing a tour.

A responsible approach to the selection of equipment. On the one hand, to share the burden with no one out, all will have to carry yourself. On the other hand, it is important not to gain too much, or you will get the overloaded backpack. The Very handy separate bag where you can put your valuables and you can take with you as you leave the bike bag suit without supervising. For such purposes Traveling Wallet for Men. You can hang it on the neck , and be confident in the safety of your valuables. In this journey, you need to take your passport, money, map of the city or country in which you are traveling, cards, Thelen (headphones optional). The bag has many pockets for each item from the list above. There are pockets with Velcro and snakes, which can put a particularly valuable item.

In drawing up the route pays special attention to the replenishment of water and food supplies.

Write down the phone numbers of rescue services, as well as the addresses of bicycle shops.

Be sure to inform the relatives of his alleged route, notify them all the necessary information: the total route, plan of movement by day and roosting places possible.

The extra money, for example, not prevent the card, because no one will lend them.

The rest of a single journey on a bicycle is no big deal, some pluses. I wish you as soon as possible to experience this interesting experience.