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What You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

Last time we talking about Bicycle journey alone

You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

When choosing a guided tour
As a travel rate their strength. You, as a true traveler, waiting for the early rise and the late arrival at the hotel, trekking tours and travel in the bus, when you select the tour program, pay attention to the mileage crossings. Be prepared for a large flow of information and constant communication with fellow travelers, and possibly with new friends, traveling with you in the same bus.

Preparing for the trip
A lot of useful and interesting information you can learn from experienced travelers in various forums on the Internet. Examine the route and reviews seasoned travelers, please be guides, are planning trips in advance and estimate, where to go in their spare time, perhaps, learn a few phrases in French, in German, in English. And you will not feel helpless in the new country because you already know a lot. We also recommend you to get acquainted with the terms most frequently used in the programs of our tours.

What to take to the road: a good mood
items that may be needed during the journey and stay in the tours: at least one thing a warm, comfortable shoes, umbrella, "their" drug - in Europe they are different from our own and to buy them is not always possible, camera, shoulder bags, which fit: a cup, spoon, tea bags and coffee, nuts and chocolate, thermos (which was boiling during bus trips). A small pillow and blanket, wool socks will make your journey more comfortable, especially if it is a long journey and there are night crossings. All these things are easier to place in a small bag or backpack and take to the salon. Things that do not come in handy while on the move, it is best placed in the luggage compartment.

Alarm Clock (make sure it's there on your phone, if not - take separately), - not all hotels are for the tourists wake-up system.

To visit the water parks (swimming pools, saunas), as well as tours with a visit to the lakes in the summer, you need to take a bathing suit.

During the summer, we recommend you to bring along a hat and a cream for protection from the sun, especially on tour with the rest of the sea.

To help you feel comfortable in Europe, it is desirable to have a currency of all the countries that you are passing or the country where you spend most of the tour (in most European countries introduced the euro). It is advisable to carry small bills.

Think about the question in your telephone in case of emergency. Purchase a phone card or connect a roaming.

The bus - one of the most convenient modes of transport and, nevertheless, the most unpredictable. Because different circumstances always bring about changes in the timetable group (the passage of the border, traffic jams, congestion, accidents on the roads), we recommend you to be patient, not to worry, and, of course, to take on the road with a good book, a good magazine or guide , player. Do not let spoil your mood and rest, always set to receive positive emotions! Everything will be ok!

On a trip to stock up on good habit - to smile and speak the local language of "hello", "thank you", "please" - it immediately arrange for you, buddy.

Rules of conduct and participate in the tour
Schedule trips imply compliance with all of its participants a trip, be punctual !! If you decide to leave the group - must be notified in advance. If you are behind the group, or you have any unforeseen situations (loss of passports, money, etc.) - immediately contact the police where you need help. Notify guide who accompanies the group about your problem.

In European countries, the rules of behavior may be slightly different. For example, you can be fined for tossed trash (cigarette butt), smoking, drinking alcohol in public places, or for crossing the road in the wrong place.

Do not take in tours: travelers over 75 years old. Persons with disabilities unaccompanied. Children younger than 7 years, from 7 to 18 years without maintenance. Pregnant women. Those whose mental or physical condition may cause discomfort or cause objections on the part of tourists. Persons who are on drug treatment or psycho-neurological records. Persons who violate the rules of conduct in previous trips, travelers with pets.

Strictly adhere to certain rules of conduct: do not litter in the cabin, not to drink hard liquor or smoke on the bus, smoking is only possible during sanitary stops, which are carried out on long journeys every 3-4 hours in designated areas.

Under the rules of the tourist traffic in the EU bus passengers must wear - if seat belts (if belts are only on the first series - the first series, if throughout the cabin, then clip on all the tourists). On the territory of France not allowed to push the chair salon center in Germany, it is forbidden to hang out in packs pass.

During the movement of the bus is prohibited to walk around the cabin and pour / drink hot drinks !! Eating strongly recommend also stops.

The top shelf in the cabin of the bus is only for small items and books; heavy objects (including bottles) is strictly forbidden to put the top in order to avoid accidents.

Before reclining the chair back to warn his neighbor.

In the evening (after 22:00) keep quiet in the bus, your neighbors can have a rest.

Toilets in buses have a limited capacity (20 l.), So they are only for emergency situations, as on high-speed roads is not always possible to immediately stop. A budgeted trip worth around € 10 a bargaining chip to the public toilets on the road (about 0.5 euros / visit).

If you like to drink tea / coffee in large quantities or want to make the soup, bring a thermos and kettle.

Attention! If you have significant weight and tall (over 185 cm), you may experience some discomfort during the transfers on the bus.

In Europe, tipping, if you like the service. If desired, you can thank the drivers.

On the territory of the European Union is prohibited to import products containing meat or milk, including sausages, canned food, fat and even chocolates. The ban does not apply to special preparations needed for people with certain chronic medical conditions (in this case the products must be packed carefully, and their weight must not exceed 2 kg).

Do not take other people's things to be transported! All the responsibility will lie to you!

The journey:
How to navigate the city.

Going on a trip or outing you must carry with them: hotel address, contact phone attendant, insurance card, a small amount of money for the opportunity to work a mobile phone and, of course, the map of the area. Be sure to mark on the map time and place of the meeting the group (bus parking).

If you get lost in the city, you should:

Contact attendant on the phone,
Take a taxi, tell (or show) parking place or the name and address of the hotel.
Refer to the passers-by (police) to help and provide a meeting place on the map or to show the address (name) of the hotel. If you are behind the group, it is better to use public means of transport: access to the station and travel by train or by bus. You can also seek help from the police station.

Be careful: the major cities and tourist centers all over the world are attracted, thieves and pickpockets. Money and documents should be stored so that they do not become prey to scams at the time when you see the sights. Among high-risk sites include all stations, including stations, where you can engage in gambling or commit theft, leaving no money and / or documents. Do not leave your things unattended to avoid them being stolen. Be mindful of your belongings in the halls and the hotel's restaurant. Do not hang bags on the backs of chairs. Keep all the documents in one place, preferably in a single bag. Bag Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 will be very comfortable on the road. In it, you'll be able to add up all the money, documents, tickets, keys, phone, camera, headphones, because it will be enough room for all the above in it. The advantage of this bag that you can wear it on your neck and your documents will only be at your disposal. The bag has many pockets. Some of them with Velcro and zipper. If one transparent pocket where you can put your identification. Do not neglect the safety rules.

In accordance with the legal provisions of the country of stay, hotel accommodation takes place upon presentation of a passport. The hotel has the right to ask the tourists fill out a form, or leave the passport at a time, in this case, do not forget to pick up your own passport at the reception!

Some hotels in Europe offer visitors in the room extra paid service: Telephone, mini-bar with drinks, etc. In any case, before you use the service, you need to get acquainted with its value. If you took advantage of paid services - at check-out you must pay the cost at the reception.