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What if I lost my passport abroad?

Last time we talking about What You need to know what to prepare if you are going on a trip to Europe by bus

While abroad, you should always carefully monitor your documents, otherwise you risk creating a lot of problems, particularly with the return to their homeland. But what if the loss still occurs?

Do not panic, you only need to know how to restore the passport in case of loss, which should be treated and what actions to carry out in this case.

Action scheme

Get ready for the fact that instead of the country's attractions you have to visit its state institutions. Perhaps there was a loss, and not your negligence, in which case, you need to understand what to do if the passport was stolen.

The first institution where you should turn it the police of the country in which you have lost your passport. There you will need to write a statement about the loss or theft of your document. Ask the police to provide you with confirmation that the current time, you do not have passports. If you refuse to provide a certificate (in some states can not figure out what you need it for the embassy), not to write a statement about the loss of the document, and its theft. In this case, you will need to issue a report that you've come to the station with a similar statement.

The next step will march to the embassy. Just for this, and you may need a certificate of temporary absence of the document or the above-mentioned protocol. Also, you will be asked 2 your photo format 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Then here you will need every possible way to verify their identity. It is advisable to have two witnesses, citizens of your country who are currently in the same country with you. Also available will ease the procedure you have a photocopy of the passport. When the procedure of identification of your personality is complete, you will be given a certificate of return, which will serve as your pass home. Be prepared for the fact that this is a paid service, depending on the case and the state in which you are, the visa fee can range from 20 to 100 USD List of documents for obtaining a certificate is made up of a police certificate (protocol), application forms for registration certificates, document confirming your identity (the original or copies of internal passport, driver's license, a copy of the passport), two photos and the receipt of payment of consular fee.

If you did everything by the scheme, the certificate of return you will be given on the same day. It can be given in person, or your legal representative. If the identification process is delayed, it can make getting a few days, as the Consulate will send a request to your country and to collect information about you. When the evidence is in your hands, you will be able to return home, but if you still have unfinished business, you can still stay in the country, as the evidence suggests leaving within 15 - 30 days.

Upon returning home, you will need to issue a new passport, registration will follow within 10-30 days, as soon as you submit the necessary documents to the passport. You will need to apply to the Department of Citizenship, Immigration, and Registration of individuals, pass certificate and obtain a new passport.

Possible problems

The first thing you encounter is a trip to the local police. It should be borne in mind that if you are in the remote or exotic country, the police here are not proficient in the language. If a person lost his passport, he, of course, will meet, but requests for specific certificates can not understand. Try to explain that without the police inquiries or the protocol you are waiting for the complexity of the embassy.

The second question - is your transportation to the embassy. Well, if you are in the capital, but the situation may arise when the passport loss occurred in the provinces, or on the island. If you are on the island, it is worth considering that when boarding the ferry documents, as a rule, do not ask what can not be said about the flights, on the plane or on a train without a passport you will not be allowed. The embassy itself will have to travel by bus or by a car.

Upon arrival at the embassy will begin questions with your personality identification. To simplify the procedure, scans keep your passport and passport in electronic form.

Helpful hints

- While abroad, do not leave your passport be deposited or pledged, always keep it with you;

- Before leaving the country, make photocopies and photocopies of passports. Photocopies are best kept under the password in the Internet cloud, or in the mail, it is more reliable than a gadget, because if there is a theft, you can steal it and;

- If you do not speak the language of the country you are going to - in advance prepare phrases that can help you out in the lurch;

- In the bag with the documents, leave a note with your contact details and data of the hotel where you left off when you lose someone could find and return you to the contents;

- Not to seek photo booth throughout the resort, keep a couple of photos in reserve, in an emergency, you will need it at the embassy;
before the trip, record yourself and contact address of the Consulate of your country and the country to which you are going.

Be careful with your documents, and then your journey will not be overshadowed by their recovery. Do not put much hope that the representatives of the consulate in a given country will rush to your aid in case of loss of passport you become a hostage situation, so treat personal documents you need with the utmost thoroughness. It is better to prepare in advance and get the necessary items . For the safety of your documents, and your peace of mind on the trip best suited Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking . This bag is worn around the neck. Also, it can be hidden under clothing, thus reducing the possibility of theft to zero. The bag will not be visible, and you will be sure of the availability and security of the securities. It is not big in size, but it fit all necessary things: passport, money, tickets, cards, documents, country map, glasses, and mobile phone. For everything, there is a pocket. Therefore, your stuff will not mix and you will not have to rummage in the bag if necessary to get a specific document or thing. Pockets with velcro and zip fastener can be used for the most important documents - passports, money, cards.

Do not neglect the safety of your documents, because their recovery will take a lot of time, money and effort.