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How to choose a cruise liner

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For many travelers, especially beginners, on a cruise ship tour represented a fascinating voyage. But, sometimes, this cruise can bring some travelers are not delighted, and some disappointment. How should I choose a sea tour to the end result does not spoil yourself this long-awaited vacation and romantic getaway.

A cruise ship

For whom and why? The very first thing you need to know about cruise ships on the sea is the fact that such travel is not for everyone. If your body is not ready to endure the constant rocking, then this kind of trip is not for you.

In addition, a cruise can disappoint tourists who prefer outdoor activities and rich excursion program. That tour is a best suited tour in road transport, which the program includes visits to many countries and places of interest. The cruise liner on a visit to the cities significantly limited. Accommodation on the ground are not provided, making the journey through the expanses of water, you will likely not see or learn anything new.

Traveling on a cruise ship will be of little interest to tourists for beginners who have little where they were, but for the trip want to see a lot of interesting places and attractions. The whole point is that cruise ships come only in port cities, which are not always the most interesting point in staying. For example, visiting India with a cruise, you will be able to visit Goa, but you will not be able to see the world-famous Taj Mahal.

The direction of the cruise. It is clear that the choice of direction in the first place depends on your desires. For tourists who are interested in history and architecture, as well as for those who do not want to go far from home, best for Mediterranean cruises. The route of cruises will pass through countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, France, the Mediterranean islands, Turkey, Tunisia, the Balkan countries. Very often, these cruises include in your itinerary a visit to the Canary Islands. For those who enjoy the northern edge of beauty fit cruises to Scandinavia.

Lovers of exotic cruises to suit the Caribbean archipelago, as well as the camp of the Asian continent.

Among the popular cruises include routes around Australia and New Zealand, Alaska, with a visit to a number of islands. For families with children have developed special routes "in Lego-style" with a visit to various theme parks and attractions.

In addition, a number of cruise lines offer its customers non-standard tourist attractions - to see whales and dolphins in marine expanses. Typically, these routes are the coast of Australia, South Africa, the United States and the southern part of the African continent.

Also, there are a number of cruises to places that you are unlikely to be able to visit on your own - for example in Antarctica. Cruise routes to Antarctica depart from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Chile. These cruises will suit fans of extreme sports.

For tourists who prefer to explore the planet Earth has been specially designed round the world cruise. The ride is quite expensive, and it will cost the traveler a few tens of thousands of dollars, and will last for 2-3 months.

When choosing a cruise should be aware that there are visa restrictions in some countries. In most cases, for a one-day stay in the "intermediate" country on the route of the cruise, a visa is not required. A visa is required only in the country of departure and arrival. The exception is some island states, as British Overseas Territories. There are also those countries that require a visa even when a cruise ship is in port. In the case where the cruise will be held on the Schengen countries, in that case, you need a multi-Schengen visa.

Cruises can not be attributed to the seasonal mean rest, therefore go on a voyage can be year round. But, nevertheless, depending on the chosen route you travel may be preferred that a particular season.

As you travel to the Caribbean and South-East Asia is better to choose winter as in the summer in these areas increases the probability of stormy weather.

For traveling around Scandinavia and Alaska countries best summer season, since in these parts in the winter is too cold. For cruises in the Mediterranean countries is best suited from mid spring until late autumn, while on a cruise in this region you can go at any other time of the year.

For cruises in the New Year will fit almost any direction, as in this cruise is not the main excursions and festive program on board.

It should also take into account the fact that in the off-season (eg spring or autumn in Europe), on cruises prices are lower than in winter or summer.

You should know also that the cruise itinerary may be slightly altered at any time at the direction of the ship's captain. This can happen when you change of weather - in the case of a storm or hurricane on the way the ship's route, as well as the changing epidemiological situation in individual countries and in the case of emergency on the ship.

Possible pitfalls cruise. Like any type of vacation, the cruise is also not devoid of some drawbacks. Such situations first tourist can not even guess. Here is what ones of the participants, who first visited on a cruise. Unexpectedly for him, it turned out that most of the tourists on board the elderly. In this situation, you can easily get into the off-season when prices are reduced cruise tours.

But if you go on a journey with the company, such a circumstance would not have to have decisive significance. But if you count on a fun pastime and meet new people, it is necessary to take into account this situation. It is mainly a greater among of entertainment is designed for older travelers. Accordingly, the holiday program will be responsible in the first instance to their needs, for example, the evening of classical dance and classical music, instead of cheerful and noisy discos.

Also, you should think in advance about how you will get to the port from where the cruise will begin. In most cases, travel agencies offer tours to customers, which include a flight to the city of departure and return. But in reality, a number of travel agencies, in order to attract customers low-cost travel, include the package is not the most convenient flight options to the city of origin. Thus, you can get instead of tickets for a direct flight ticket with changes that will bring inconvenience. In such cases, it is best to purchase tickets on their own.

Furthermore, it should take care of his luggage insurance, especially in those cases, if you are traveling with a valuable thing. As a rule, the standard amount of compensation for lost luggage to the cruise companies are low.

Safety is also not unimportant point in the cruise. There is no guarantee that you will not penetrate into the room robber, while you enjoy a stroll through the liner. Therefore, it is important to keep your documents safe. Typically, in each port, you are asked a passport and a ticket. Without a passport, you can simply disembark from the liner. Please note that the cruise you will not be able to immediately apply for the restoration of documents, as they could make a journey by land. Therefore, in such a situation is highly undesirable to have problems with the documents. We present to your attention Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . In it, there is the strap, so you can carry the bag around his neck. The bag has a lot of pockets into which fit the passport and other documents, money, tickets, cards, keys and the camera. In turn, the small bag that will hide it under the clothes. Thus you will be sure that valuable items do not happen anything. The bag has pockets with zipper, Velcro, which will give you, even more, confidence.

Finally, you should know that it is not necessary to count on a long stay in the cities, where it will be a cruise ship stop. In most cases, these trips to cruises short and superficial. So for 14-15 days cruise may gain 20-25 hours total time allotted for the tour. Experience shows that a large part of the journey took the transitions between the ports. The residence time in the sea and the duration of stops in ports depends on the distance between the port where the cruise ship will go. In this regard, you should be well acquainted with the entertainment program which will be offered to you by the tourist.