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Loss of baggage during air travel. What to do?

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A rare passenger traveling without baggage. And with their luggage, as we know, it can happen anything: lost, spoiled, confused. Nonsense - but it still hurt. What to do when with bags and suitcases had an accident?

Situation One: lost.

You stand at the airport near the transfer belt and wait when there will be a native suitcase. Your companions have already received their bags, and your not. After an hour or two to visit you clearly guess that the baggage is lost. And rightly so. If you yourself yet can not find the luggage, immediately go to the Lost End Found office, which is located in the airport arrivals area and operates around the clock.
In the office, you will be asked to show a ticket with a luggage tag stuck and ask in detail about what color, size, and shape of your suitcase was, whether he had special signs, as well as take an interest in its contents. Draw up a statement about the loss of PIR and will be looking luggage. A copy of this act, as well as ticket and baggage tag, must be maintained.

First of all, you can assume that your luggage is either not loaded on a plane to the airport of departure, or loaded on the plane, but not yours. If so, then the search and return of baggage will take some time. If the airline and decent values its reputation, you will be allocated a small but perfectly gratuitous loan - that was something to buy new essentials: a toothbrush, a comb and a pair of fresh socks. On a large amount do not count, but $ 50 will get.
Most companies are trying not to pay the money within 24 hours. After 21 days, the lack of baggage is considered lost and paid compensation to the passenger. To this end, the airline must provide a copy of the non-arrival of the baggage, ticket and luggage tag. According to the Warsaw Convention, the mandatory minimum amount is $ 20 per kilogram, and carriers rarely pay more. Moreover, the air carrier does not care than were packed your bags - old linens or expensive evening dress. So we advise not to take the luggage to cameras, video cameras, expensive jewelry and other valuables - fully compensate for their loss of the airline is not required to. However, if you kept receipts for purchased items, the airline may be partially or even totally pay you money for these things.
But it often happens that the luggage is not lost, and opened and pulled out the most valuable items. In this case, also it is necessary to contact the Lost End Found. Further events will develop in the same scenario: you present a ticket and luggage tag and describe in detail the theft. As material evidence must show a suitcase locks with ripped or cut body. You will make the act of stealing, which will need to send in your airline. The investigation will be conducted, and a special commission will decide on how much to pay you compensation.

Situation Two: spoiled.

You stand at the airport near the transfer belt and wait when there will be a native suitcase. Suitcase finally appears, but much disfigured: the locks are damaged, the body is cut, a handle is gone. Do not spit on the case, and contact the Lost End Found. Where you have to make an act of the DPR, to be saved, and if your airline representative at the airport is not, then return back to your country you need to again contact the Lost End Found office where he wrote an application for compensation for damaged luggage. Your documents are forwarded to the central office of the airline. The airline will decide on how much damage has occurred. Either you will be given a sum for the purchase of a new suitcase or to repair damaged. The amount of compensation depends entirely on the decision of the airline, which in most cases can not be appealed. But one should not think that the airline will pay you clearly less than it should be. Solid Airlines value their reputation and are interested in customers. It should also be noted that very often the tourists sit in the luggage hookahs and a variety of fragile souvenirs that are not allowed to take on board the aircraft for the purpose of aviation security, then outraged, received at the airport in the mountain of glass. Therefore, please take care of themselves due packaging of fragile and breakable items.

Situation Three: mixed.

You stand at the airport near the transfer belt and wait when there will be a native suitcase. Suitcase appears it picks up and you leave. Even at home, and came to the distribution of gifts, it turns out that your suitcase is not, although similar. If you have a decent traveler, then immediately go back to the airport and turn in someone else's suitcase. To do this, you need to contact (call) in Lost End Found office where you will be told how you proceed. There you will ever meet face to face with the rightful owner stuck your suitcase, or someone else will give luggage from hand to hand the airport staff.
As for your luggage, then option two. Either he will wait for you at the airport, or it too, someone grabbed by mistake. In this case, there is only to inform employees Lost End Found your address or phone number, and they will be looking already.

As you can see, it is not necessary to store valuables in the trunk, especially documents. What could be more unpleasant than being in a foreign country without documents? To avoid such situations is better to use a separate bag for documents and important things. We present to your attention Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . Its advantage is that you can make a bag on his shoulder, and your hands will be free. So you can wear it around his neck, hidden under clothing. So you hide your documents from prying eyes of thieves and be confident in the security of documents. The bag is not large, but it has many pockets and it will fit a passport, phone, tickets, cards, money, headphones, camera, and keys. Some pockets with Velcro zipper, thereby guarantee you a security of your documents.

Do not forget before the flight removed from the suitcases all labels left over from previous trips. And be sure to tie a special tag to the suitcase, which will include your name and contact phone numbers at home and in the country of destination. Even better, if you paste a tag to your luggage.