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Long trip - some tips

Last time we talking about Loss of baggage during air travel. What to do?

You are going on a long journey. Some advice from an experienced traveler. The basic rule about which we should not forget - is the safety of the road. Not
prepared car - a possible headache in the middle of the road. Before you hit the road, it is advisable to carry out unplanned maintenance vehicle.

Particular attention should be paid to the engine, chassis and powertrain of the car. Check and, if necessary, add antifreeze fluid in the windscreen washer. Pay special attention to the brake fluid. Remember that the brake fluid is hygroscopic and gaining a moisture over time and hence its properties deteriorate, the boiling temperature decreases, the braking distance increases. This is especially dangerous downhill when engine braking does not work and we have to use a long time, brake, causing the brake fluid can boil. Replacement should be done 1 time in 2 years.

The engine is desirable to wash. If something happens to him, you can not soil, to visually identify the fault. Such as - unexpected leakage gas liquids (oil, antifreeze, the refrigerant in the air conditioner, etc.). That will certainly help you to quickly make the right decision and continue the journey. Of more serious faults that can be solved in a service center, we are not talking. You should check the exterior lights. Do not forget about the rear fog lights. Do not forget that you can be a very experienced driver, but the driver can move the trace - a beginner or just a tired driver who in fog you can not see. It is also a great danger are drivers - truckers. With all their vast experience and professionalism, they often try to "Breathless" to hold on to their destination and literally fall asleep at the wheel. Bright light rear fog light will help you to protect yourself from an accident.

Be sure to check the tire pressure.

Loading machines.

When you boot the machine should consider many factors. The shop should be as free as if you were not going anywhere. Inside should be only the most necessary, it can take and what you can use, without distracting the driver from the basic work: the water, the necessary medications for motion sickness, placemats, sandwiches for passengers lollipops. Do not use hot drinks from a thermos while driving, because there is always the likelihood of scalding. Moving over long distances - large load not only for the driver but also for the passengers. Children should take a favorite toy, which will take him a long time. In this case, it will not bring you trouble for some time, if the child is tired, he can be given a pillow and offer to sleep. All other things have to be in the trunk or on the roof of the car.

Laying things should be done in accordance with their needs. Things that will be needed only during the holidays, should be put first.

In some cases, is relevant when in the spare wheel well is filled with luggage and spare wheel with the jack is moved upward. If things more, and you have decided to use the roof rack, do not forget about two main things. Baggage must not exceed the permissible limits. Availability of cargo on the roof raises the center of gravity, due to which increases the likelihood of vehicle rollover when cornering. The second point - the increase in the drag coefficient. If just an empty roof rack increases fuel consumption by 5 to 10%, it is possible to guess how much it will increase the load. In this case, a good solution is Thule racks firms. What follows is a set of tools and spare parts (spare parts and accessories).

At least loaded foods and items needed to stop to rest.

By acquisition, the tool should be treated thoroughly, but taking into account the skills, and without fanaticism, we should not take something with which you are not able to handle.

That can come in handy in more detail:

- Vest with reflective elements;

- The old sheet or blanket to lay on the ground;

- Plastic raincoat in case of rain;

- Set wrenches (preferably when the key is, on the one hand, open end and flare other);

- Screwdriver Set;

- Pliers;

- Knife;

- Scissors;

- Brace or head (key, bundled, usually made of soft metal and is often deformed when trying to remove a wheel);

- Compressor or pump;

- Set for sealing tubeless tires;

- A set of spare bulbs, fuses;

- Set of belts (generator, pump);

- Spark plug;

- Wire the electrical section of 2.5 mm, 3-4 meters;

- Insulating tape;

- Glue "Second";

- Glue "cold welding" for sealing leaks on metal surfaces (usually iron or aluminum);

- Work gloves;

- Means for dry cleaning of hands;

- Lamp;

- The WD Fluid - 40 (soured helps loosen the nuts, displaces water);

- Wires for lighting from the other battery;

- Water Neutralizer in gasoline;

- Fuel additives - octane corrector;

Neutralizer water and fuel additive necessary things when traveling, especially in neighboring countries, where you can refuel at the gas station instead of 95 of the 76 gasoline compote and water. There is no harm to have with about 5 liters of petrol tested, only it must be stored in a metal canister. In no case can not use plastic containers, as they tend to accumulate static electricity and fire.

- Fire extinguisher. (Better to have fire extinguisher Carbon dioxide It can be used repeatedly until they develop it to the end, which is not the powder extinguishers and other, which are disposable and do not always work.);

- Tow rope (. It is necessary to choose prudently Practice has shown that the best representative of the cable is in the form rope belt All cables with their beauty unreliable and tear at the very wrong time.);

- Warning triangle needs to be in accordance with traffic rules;

- First aid kit. (By the medicine cabinet should be approached seriously. In accordance with the new requirements of the first aid kit is excluded the vast number of drugs and left, mostly dressings. Assemble first aid kit yourself, based on your ailments. The list is sure to include a means of pain in the heart, headaches, activated coal);

If you do not have sufficient qualifications mechanic, however, and it does not always help, then going on a trip, it is necessary to examine the route based on points SRT. It is not superfluous to have on hand phones tow regions. Good service you will have a GPS navigator, with its help, you can define their position and announce where you are, if necessary. In my practice was a case where the coordinates found the car in the forest.

It is well known that before the trip is necessary to have a good rest. For hedging from overwork, it is desirable to have a device that does not give the driver asleep at the wheel. An example is the Antison device that tilts the head forward and begins frantically signaling.

Thus, we should not forget about the safety of documents. Documents must be close at hand but out of sight of strangers. Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 suit you. Bag small size designed for passports, documents, money, keys, and telephone. The bag can be worn around the neck or on the shoulder. If you are out of the car - it is better to take the documents with him. When all the paperwork and the phone is in your bag, you will not have to collect all the things and lay out on the pockets. Another plus - security. You can put the bag under your clothes and no outsider can not get your valuables.

In the long trip drivers always lurks the same for all the trouble - fatigue. A common principle - eat on the track, the driver can do a disservice. During the trip the driver must be a little hungry, the well-fed state has to relax, and the monotony of the road leads to the inhibition of consciousness and slumber light with your eyes open while driving. At such a moment lost the feeling of speed and distance. So you can go long enough, driving a car on the machine, but it usually ends sadly. Probably had to listen to the radio or watch TV on the cause of the accident - the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The best remedy is a change of scenery. To do this, you must stop and walk further to make a set of warm-up exercises, rinse your face with cold water. This - an ideal option. If you begin sleepy and do not want to stop in the middle of a forest or field, and to the place of the scheduled stops left quite a bit, you can cheer up when in motion, how to do business or whether, for example, nibbling crackers. Good seeds banish sleep. The conversation with the passenger will also help to disperse the dream state. Get rid of sleep will help with air conditioning if cold air is directed to the person, but do not abuse it, because you can catch a cold if there is no air conditioning, will help open window. Fan oven should not be included, as it will pick up the hot air coming from the engine.

Music, even loud, not always an alarm clock, and in some cases, vice versa lulls. It should be understood, if there comes a moment of relaxation, which in any case should not be allowed on the road, then it's time to relax. If you do not take action, it may come off the moment of consciousness that will occur in addition to your will.

It is widely believed that the best way from the dream is coffee. It is not, or rather, not so. Instant coffee, on the contrary, serves as a soporific agent. Ground coffee will help the first half hour, then relax and let the driver starts sleepy. Ideal in the struggle with sleep - a black tea.

According to the rules, drivers - truckers should be changed after 4 hours. Do not neglect this rule, and, even if you feel fresh enough, stop and treat yourself to a little rest, though.