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Rules of conduct in the journey by bus

Last time we talking about  Long trip - some tips

Navigate between cities and countries on buses is not only inexpensive but also convenient for many reasons. We already wrote about the advantages of the bus. Today will tell you about the rules of conduct in this journey and provide a list of needed items to the trip was not only interesting but also more comfortable.

How to organize a trip?

In principle, the organization of such a trip should not bring problems: all-you should choose the direction and book a ticket on the bus. Our advice: instead to stand in line at the ticket office, you better try to buy a bus ticket through the Internet. And do not even need to look for the direction you want to dozens of carriers sites - it is easier to see the available routes and prices at once in one place.

Behavior rules

So, you have successfully booked a bus ticket, then what? We recommend you familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct on the bus, so as not to create problems themselves or others.
A few simple things that you need to remember:

• Do not be late! At best you are made to wait a dozen other people, and the rest of the way fellow travelers will be mad at you. At worst (and most frequent) - After waiting for 10-15 minutes the bus will leave without you. And well, if it is the station of his native city and not a foreign country.

• Do not create problems for the driver. Constantly distracted and pull issues opening the window, walk on the bus while driving, require unreasonable stops, go out on the border - it is impossible.

• Do not cause inconvenience to fellow passengers in the bus. Drinking alcohol and smoking, as well as litter, of course, the cabin is strictly forbidden, but we should not really talk loudly (especially in the evening and at night), occupy the aisles bags, use sprays (perfumes, hairspray and so on.), Interfere with the opening or closing doors.

What to take to the road?

And finally, some advice about what to take with you when you travel by bus, to make it as comfortable as possible. We are not talking about things that will take you on excursions and hotels abroad, we are talking about the vehicle itself. So, do not forget at home:

- documents, money, tickets; For such purposes, it is best to buy a bag that will get you a reliable helper. For documents, it is best to buy no more, no bright bag. We present to your attention ---. It's small but compact. She has a lot of compartments for storage of documents. It is possible to put the passport, tickets, keys, money, cards and things essentials (tablets, glasses, headphones). In this bag, there are pockets with Velcro and snakes, which guarantees the safety of your documents. They do not fall out and not be able to get it from thieves. There is also a pocket where you can put an ID card. The bag can be worn in both hands, and on his shoulder. Many people already use advice and wear a bag under your clothes. Thus, all documents are under your care, but access to them only you.

- a small bag, which will not need to take in the luggage compartment and which will fit most necessary in the cabin;

- first aid kit with an individual set of medicines and wet wipes and a bottle of water;

- warm socks, a small car and a small pillow if desired;

- book, tablet or laptop - for an interesting pastime;

- anything for a quick snack in the case of lung hunger: dried fruits, small sandwiches, cookies, fruit couple.

- Of course, travel clothes should be comfortable, and shoes - waterproof.

And most importantly, if you go into an international flight on the bus or just coming to visit relatives in the nearby town, take in any way a good mood, which is essential for any one trip!