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Travel tips in the forest

So, you are going to the forest in the campaign. What do I need to bring?

It all depends on how and how much you are planning a vacation, what time of year. For example, if you plan to hike in the summer, with a few stops - you need only the necessary minimum. Because every extra thing to take with the evening becomes ten times harder if you lie on your shoulders. So you need to very carefully select the really useful things. We present a list of needed items:

1. Knife - without it in the woods as a hands-free, it is advisable not to take the multi-functional, all-purpose, small and compact Swiss knife. And it is better to take a good, big and massive hunting knife in a sheath. He will replace and fork, and a small ax, and in it is much more convenient to use.

2.Match - it is desirable to take special, waterproof. If such matches not, you can put ordinary matches in a waterproof bag. Or use the cigarette lighter.

3.Raincoat - frustrating when in the woods finds rain, you can catch a cold. And dry clothes in the woods problem - or it will burn at the stake, or remain moist. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you need a waterproof raincoat.

4. Warm sweater covering his throat - even if the heat at night, in the morning mist rises in the forest, and very colder. To wake up at four in the morning in search of something or anything that you can warm up, do not be lazy to put on a sweater before going to bed. Even if you are sleeping in a tent. So avoid many unpleasant experiences.

5. Blanket - also a necessary thing, you can hide night, during the day you can sit on it.

6. First aid kit - do not need to take half of the pharmacies is to take only the most necessary preparations - analgesic, antipyretic, burning, green fodder and medicine for colds and allergies if you have allergies. Anyway, in the case of serious illness or injury, you will have to urgently evacuate. So a bunch of products for all occasions you probably will not be useful.

7. Food - bring your products the most nutritious and takes up little space - bread, canned food, dried soups, hermetically packaged meat, etc. Grazing in the forest rookie will not survive long. Mushrooms and berries thing, of course, is good, but you need to know which ones are edible, can a beginner easily poisoned.

8. Hank strong, can withstand the weight of man rope. It is useful to pass the difficult parts of the route. If you are going hiking transitions, it is possible to exclude this item. Wire - always useful to you, even if you do not seem to plan on where you can use it - will still take.

9. Sol, flashlight, mosquito spray - it's the little things that often forget to take with even seasoned travelers.

10. The tent or sleeping bag - there to explain anything you do not need. You yourself can guess that in the woods camping is not as nice as it is written in the books. So tent camping definitely needs tourists.

11. A pot, spoon, water - You do need a campfire to cook?

12. Fishing lines, hooks, sinker. Did you ever see a lake where you can fish? Drag with a ten-heaped bait is not necessary. Rod in the woods can be made of any thin branches.

13. Ointment for insect bites. In the forest, midges and mosquitoes - the fear of all the tourists. They manage to get through the narrowest gaps and bite for the most delicate places because the ointment of bloodsuckers in the forest you will be saving. This does not affect the winter season.
The most important thing we have told you. Just do not forget the right backpacking - heavy stuff on the bottom, something easy - on top. And of course in the back should not rest against any hard objects.

The hike is not necessary to take the documents, but the money, phone, headphones and from the keys necessary to the apartment is where to put anything? These things are best kept in a separate bag and put in a bag, as on arrival home, you will have to upload the entire backpack. For such purposes, it is best suited Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking . It is possible to carry the bag over his shoulder. It has many compartments. There are pockets with velcro and zipper. Bag is not big, but very spacious. You will be able to put into it all the essentials needed.

Enjoy your vacation!