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What is a " Stay hot" and what its benefits

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In fact, the very concept of "hot tours" is very strange. Hot Tour is no different from an ordinary tour, well, if only the price !!!!! But this feature of them - usually the most interesting and enjoyable!

Whence do these hot pass? hottour
Tour operators - the same people - somebody on riskier someone is careful, someone is generous, someone is stingy. Accordingly, the tours are calculated in different ways: one wants to earn more money, lay in the price of the tour such profits that it can be a year to feed five people and keeps the price, not dropping until the last day. The other, based on the mass, will make the price lower, pick up tickets and more is waiting for the flow of tourists. But danger lurks here: and if not designed and fewer tourists? And sit with tickets in her arms ... And here and those and others for sometimes panic starts before the tour - what to do with the place? One way out - to reduce the price, not just by a little bit, but is lowered to such an extent that for a day or two before

Hot pass

Нot pass usually appears:

- In the offseason, when the hotels are filled with little and offer significant discounts, quality of service generally will not be degraded Egypt in February, Turkey in April and the second half of May);

- At the beginning and end of charter programs, usually the first and last flights poorly loaded, so travel companies make discounts if only to complete the flight, sometimes vouchers are sold even below cost price (when it starts to go no profit travel agency and the reduction of losses on unfilled flight) (although there are exceptions, if the fall in Spain or Croatia, warm, and then the last flights are loaded on the string);

- Stayhot in the middle of the season can occur if the operator is not designed their force with the charter and tries to load into place even at a loss, just to reduce this loss (this is the most dangerous Stayhot trips since the operator may go bankrupt that happens almost every summer). Our advice in this situation: in the high season never buy the cheapest last minute offer, it is better to choose the middle option.

How long before the trip, you can buy ?

Discounted tickets can be purchased for ten days, and a week and a few days before the departure date. The closer to this date, so it may be cheaper. Under the most probable date of the beginning of the burning stages, it is considered to be two or three the next day it also is a distinctive feature of the burning passes! The traveler who wants to relax at last minute, should not be capricious. The hotel he will get not one he would have chosen himself, and said in the voucher (please note that tours with five-star hotels in the category of burning almost never get). And most attracts his country can not be in the list of proposals. That is, for a given situation is an ideal tourist who agrees on any tour, but does not pay in full. Promising and people suddenly had the opportunity to a short-term respite from work. These, too, are pleased to almost any proposal.

Finally, there are countries where there is simply not burning permits. Most often this is the country for going to that you need a visa, excursion (bus and air) or tours of the island, including exotic, or trips to the international exhibitions and conferences, etc.

As a rule, hot buy tickets a few days before Departure. And then on the gathering of things, there is very little time. In the rush, we always forget about the important things. And note it on a plane or in a different country. The most important thing in any journey is a complete set of documents , money, cards and tickets. These things are necessary for a successful trip, so pay attention to it. Documents are best stored and transported in a separate bag. We recommend Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. This bag is small but compact. It is possible to combine a lot of things. Money, passports, tickets, cards, keys, phone, glasses and medication (if necessary) will fit here. The biggest plus of this bag is that it must be worn around the neck or over the shoulder. But we recommend wearing it under clothing. This way you will be assured of the security of their documents. The bag has many pockets. There are pockets with zipper and Velcro. There is also a lock.

The most interesting - is that increased demand or, on the contrary, the fall in popularity of a tourist destination sometimes impossible to explain logically. And in the country calm and the weather no matter where, and half passes are not redeemed. What to do with this half? Promptly implement by lowering prices. It may drop by 10-40%. As you can imagine, the quality of the tour at the same time does not decrease. And the man who went to rest on the last minute will receive the same range of services as well as his brother, paid the tour on a common basis. So if you do not feel discomfort from Dumb uncertainty, and you can see in this adventure, buy the last minute!