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Biometric passports: pros and cons

Last time we talking about The safety of tourists

It is a passport to travel abroad, which has a chip - smart card using wireless technology. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) decides which user data recorded in the memory of the chip. For example, a photograph, fingerprints, iris eyes and so forth. Further, the microchip sewed in the document page and acts as a repository of information about the owner of the passport. Understand that the document contains a microchip can be on the cover, on which the special international marker.

Pros and cons of biometric passports

Advantages of biometric passports:

The ability to move freely throughout the Schengen zone without needing a visa (in the future);
The absence of the subjective factor in the assessment of the border;
Faster crossing the cordon with automated reading data;
It is difficult to forge;
Pass for 10 years;
In a case of loss of the attackers will not be able to use it.

Disadvantages of biometric passports

You can easily track anywhere in the world;
Higher cost design than paper counterparts;
The chip is easily damaged if, for example, fails to bend the document;
When breaking the data you become vulnerable. "Drain" of information can bring a lot of trouble the owner of the passport;
At the moment there is a huge buzz around the biometric passports, so to get it is not so easy to own.
How to make a biometric passport?

Documents required for registration of biometric passports:

internal passport;
identification code;
for men and 25 years - a certificate from the recruiting office or a military ID.

What do you need for registration of children's biometric passport?

Unlike a paper passport, a biometric is not suitable for gluing photos of children. It also can not enter data about the child.Therefore, the baby, a separate children's biometric passport.Minors passport is issued for a period of 4 years. Fingerprints are taken in children from 12 years only with the consent of parents. To obtain a biometric passport for the child should be provided with a birth certificate (original and copy) and internal passports of both parents (original and 2 copies).

It should be noted that with the introduction of biometric passports, old-fashioned paper Zagray not lost their validity and are valid.

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