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What to do if your flight is canceled?

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Flight Cancellation and not so rare as it seems at first glance. The reasons may be different. If the flight was canceled shortly before departure, then most likely the fault of the weather conditions or technical problems. But it happens that the flight is canceled for a few weeks or even a month before departure. What to do in each case we will now and tell.

The flight was canceled before departure

If registering on the scoreboard in front of your flight you will see the words "Canceled", the first thing to do - ask the airline employee who carries out the flight. It can be found at the front desk, at the ticket office at the airport or the airline to ask airport staff.

Then he will offer options and explain the further course of action. If you decide to return the ticket, you have to address to the retailer from whom you bought it.

Flight cancellation a few days, weeks, etc. before departure

In this case, you just need to turn back to where you bought the ticket. To make an exchange or refund of the ticket can only agent issued tickets. If you purchase your ticket at the airline - then contact them if the agency - to the agent. Most airlines do not make refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased through agents. Only the seller has a right to it.

Note that regardless of where you bought the ticket, the refund will be forced to confirm the airline, and they do it very slowly. As a rule, the money will go to your account within 3 months. In rare cases, this period is extended to 6 months.

What can you expect when you cancel the fault of the airline flight?

According to the rules, the airline must offer you the choice of two options:

Alternative flight. As a rule, offer alternative routes of the carrier, eg flight with a transfer, another time or day of departure. Options are offered subject to availability.
Note that the starting point to change the direction impossible. Those. unless canceled flight from Moscow to London, you can not change it on the Moscow-Manchester.

If the alternative flight departs in a few hours from the original, the time between the original and the new flight is counted as flight delay, and you are applying for the same benefits as passengers faced with a flight delay.

Alternative flights offer, as a rule, immediately. But the decision not to spend a lot of time, the same route will offer passengers and others, and you are using them or not depends on availability.

Return ticket price in full ieforced return. There are certain subtleties that need to be addressed.
If you have a flight with a change, bought a ticket, such as Moscow-Berlin-London, then you can get a refund for the entire route. If you had two separate tickets - Moscow-Berlin and Berlin-Moscow, then you will receive a refund only for the flight that was canceled, for example, Moscow-Berlin. Flight Berlin-London you have to take by the rules of the fare.

The situation is similar with the return ticket, if you buy a ticket for fare round trip (back and forth), then a refund will be like for the outbound flight and for the flight back. If you buy two separate tickets, a refund laid only for actually canceled flight, such as flight back to back ticket will have to take on the rules of the fare.

If the cancellation caught you half way, you can also request a refund for that portion of the route that you have already passed. For example, you fly to Moscow-Berlin-London (through-flight). You arrived in Berlin and know that your flight to London was canceled. If you do not provide an alternative flight (which is rare), the carrier must provide you with a return ticket to the point of departure and as a compensation for the flight Berlin-London, and for the Moscow-Berlin. However, you will have to provide proof that they no longer relevant in connection with the cancellation of your trip voyage.

How long will the airline return the money?

As a rule, the airline makes a refund within 60 days. Money can give up your account, like 2 weeks and 2 months, affect the rate of return, often impossible.

Can I get compensation for passengers due to the cancellation of the flight?

In some cases - Yes.

EU airlines are guided by the following rules:

Compensation is not put if the passenger notified the cancellation of 14 days or more before departure.

If you have reported the cancellation 13 - 7 days prior to departure, provided that the flight cancellation was due to the fault of the carrier, and not as a consequence of force majeure, and you are offered a different route, which allows you to depart no more than 2 hours before the scheduled time and arrive at the final destination less than 4 hours after the scheduled time of arrival;

If you must fly, and an alternative proposed by the airline is not suitable, you can find a suitable flight with another airline carrier and to offer to give you a ticket for it. This situation is likely to include exceptions, then it is desirable to have a strong supporting documents that you need to take off immediately.

What if I cancel a charter flight?

As for the charter flight, tour operator answers any questions directly to him rather than to the airline. Terms of cancellation and possible compensation in case of flight cancellation should be reflected in the agreement between you and the tour agency.

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