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Traveling on a motorcycle. Advice.

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Every motorcycle owner feels the desire to go on a long journey. This is understandable: it is very well present themselves speeding by on two wheels on the road when there are glimpses of the great outdoors. And what feelings are when you will go to practice!

But ... what should be done to romantic hopes were not in the headlines with the first trip? Experienced travelers give specific recommendations on this matter.

First of all, shape the desires and possibilities. With no experience of riding more than five hundred kilometers during the day could be dangerous. Without proper practice, no endurance and perseverance character will not help you. Long Road assumes the risk faced with changing weather conditions. Hitting the road under the rays of the hot sun? Do not hope that the weather will remain unchanged throughout the day, especially during the multi-day trip.
It is important to understand that to maintain the same high tempo average drive beyond the power of even the most experienced bikers. After passing a long distance in the first days, be prepared that the period from the third to the seventh day and travel distance will inevitably decline. For the beginner, has only recently begun to conquer the road, it is better to plan a route shorter and to the places where it is possible to stop more often. Think about where you can go round the place of possible delays on the road.

It is connected with the preceding paragraph. Namely - even though the steel is not subject to fatigue motorcycle traveling on it tired anyway. Consequently, as in running, operating a simple rule: in the long run at high speed will have to give up. For stayer stability of the route is above all. Especially, we just agreed that we were going to show not all motor capabilities, and enjoy views of the surrounding area and bring peace to the soul. Slower driving has other important advantages. Fuel and lubricants spent less wear on the chassis and tires are reduced, there is no risk of being fined, and much less likely to have an accident.

Do not be tempted to increase the Pass away, leaning on energy drinks, strong coffee, and other similar means. They simply do not work. If you feel the need for additional portions of cheerfulness, which means that it's time to steer the road and on the circumstances - to wait for a while, look for the night in the nearest settlement or break a tent.

This need to know!

Here came the long-awaited time for vacations. Outlined you promising route. All formalities are settled at work all around the house things are made, and other and other. Leaves on the road, enjoy the journey ... Suddenly, the second and third time any emergency occur. The wheel is punched, the wheel is not working properly, the chain is shaking, so that is about to cut short; motor or sneezes; or speed than expected. All because it was not a timely diagnosis and conducted training machines. You can, of course, constantly get off the service points.

And suddenly fail?
And how much money is needed?
And if there are not the necessary parts?
What if the center is not nearby?
And if you get into the accident because of the negligible damage?

Not to mention the fact that precious vacation is completely spoiled. And no one to blame but their own improvidence. To avoid the problems a breeze: check everything before leaving distant. Reliable engine oil will run quietly and fifteen thousand kilometers.

As far as possible, do not align the long trip with testing new parts and units, at least - in the electrical part. First run-everything thoroughly, and only then go ahead. If there is no better time to give up and publicized lauded novelties. Do not put the new parts and do not spend a motorcycle service immediately prior to the trip! It is not necessary to install additional lighting or perform other similar improvements just before the trip because they do not have time to check everything carefully.

Outfitting for motorcyclists is no less important than technical equipment. We passed a couple of days at stifling heat (35 degrees and up), and then the temperature suddenly dropped to twenty-five degrees or below ... As a result, the body is experiencing a serious stress. What can we say, if you set the wet, cold or windy weather (or even all together)? Because even in the summer months, it is vital to have a biker with warm clothes.
By the way, those items that you will need most often, it is necessary to immediately lay with the expectation of quick retrieval. Those who do not know what is most important - give a hint. Looking for eye drops (to wash off the sand and dust), repair kit for tires, road maps, documents, a flashlight and a set of spare batteries to it, a first aid kit and documents. The documents and important papers are best put in a separate bag. We have one copy, which is very suitable bike lovers. Note Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 . The bag can be put over the shoulder or around the neck. The advantage of this bag is that your documents will always be under your supervision. The possibility that the documents are stolen or lost is equal to zero. The bag is not large, but it perfectly placed several passports, several cards, money and other documents, keys, road maps, a flashlight, cell phone. In the middle of the bag, multiple pockets for each thing is its location. There are pockets with velcro and zipper for extra security items. There is a pocket for identity cards. Just in the bag, there is a blockage.

To useful things just were on hand, they have to buy. Make a comprehensive list of all that may be required. Novice travelers usually burned on the "little things" like toothpaste, spare shoes, raincoat, and so on. Wherever you went, there is a risk that the road is quickly boring. And it is better to think about it in advance. Bring candy and anything else that will stretch the time.

Not much good to say about the difficulties and dangers, but still it is necessary to: a road case unpredictable, anything can happen, and that in almost any moment. To avoid problems do not help any, the most thorough preparation. Because it is necessary to always have customer-service phone numbers for the whole route, insurance companies and so on.

Traveling by motorcycle, Tips You Need to Know!

When to stop? Actually, no graphs and charts will not help you in this. Only their own feelings. I wanted to doze off, the head deviates from the vertical position? Is it impossible to maintain the set speed and periodically have to be accelerated? Not including time distant lights? Is it necessary to peer into a couple of seconds to determine the type of mark in fifty meters or drive-by type of transport? It is difficult to determine exactly where to turn? Know it all unequivocal signs of road fatigue. In a long trip on a motorcycle, especially if you are on holiday, appreciate a good mood and do not drop it hurl. If you can not stand the rain is better to stay on for some time (and at a great delay) - and did go back. After driving on a wet road and more unsafe. Not a fan of heat can be recommended to travel at night. In other words, everything unpleasant that the only possible way - it is advisable to wait.

And that was more pleasant, full power is required. But in any case, do not overeat. Make it a habit of drinking water (at least to start and finish your day in her way, to drink before each breakfast, lunch and dinner). This should be done even if not summer temperatures. Water should be taken in bottles, so as not to risk indigestion due to changes in its composition or just poor quality. Have two tanks, one water for daily use in the other - in the case of an emergency. If suddenly two days she was not drunk, no matter how much is left, it is necessary to replace.

Refuel should at any slightest opportunity. Be sure to take it with a multivitamin complex.
Know that the speed at which you can stop quickly under these conditions (cornering, in the mist, on wet roads, at night, on the way down, on a bridge or in a tunnel, on unpaved roads and so on) and never moved at a high speed.

Do not try to go behind trucks. You can run into a hassle (well, if only verbal) with their drivers are well aware of the risk of such driving. It's dangerous for both of you. In addition, a sharp jerk to the side of the truck, the tire burst or drop heavy objects on top in the best case will take you a few seconds ... unpleasant on more serious will not talk, you know. Always have on hand navigator.

Some failures can be resolved on their own. For example, tire defects. But this will require training, experience. Work-to-use repair kits better to home - on some old tires. And of course, take it with as many tools as you can take away at all: it is impossible to say in advance that it is required away from the usual places.