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10 tips for traveling couples

Last time we talking about Traveling on a motorcycle. Advice.

Travel together - incredibly nice, plus it is a beneficial relationship. Joint travel - it's also a good way to test how strong your union, and what are the limits of what is permitted in your relationship. We want to share with you our secret knowledge - how to avoid conflict and frustration when you travel together.
Here you will find advice from our experts.

1. Get to know your partner

Folk wisdom says that the travel originating or die attitude. And this is very similar to the truth. Traveling with a friend or a partner can be a wonderful memory for a lifetime, or turn into a torture - when a few weeks after the start of the world tour, you realize that you were in the company of a man who annoys you terribly, and get away from him, you can not.
Finding the right partner is not easy to travel all that annoys you at home, it will annoy you twice as much in the journey - when you spend together twenty-four hours a day.

2. Agree on a realistic budget

When Pink Floyd sang that "money - the root of all evil," they know what to say. Nothing spoils the fun of travel, as joint resentment due to budget - so it should be discussed in advance. And, obviously, it has to fit your lifestyle.
Different budgets may mean that one have enough money only for the night in a noisy hostel in Barcelona and the other - in a luxurious hotel room with a view of the ocean in Bali. But even with similar budgets would be good to agree on priorities, so that later, when a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon in one fell swoop will eat a quarter of your money, there were no surprises, no problems.

3. Agree on how to share the costs

If you are going on a journey with a partner with whom you have not yet reached that stage of the relationship, when "everything that belongs to me - your" it would be prudent to discuss in advance who, what and how much to pay.
To avoid irritation in situations when one considers that it pays more than another, it is necessary to organize something like the total budget, from which, for example, will be paid for your romantic dinner, with the one spends from his own purse.

4. Make new friends

What's the difference, you have close relationships or just a "friendly" - the house you will rarely find yourself together for a long time. And why not try to establish contacts with new people? Firstly, it will save your love boat from the unpleasant friction of life, and secondly, you meet new characters; new experience - he, too, something so worth it.
Couples traveling together for a long time often silent - it is not so easy to join with each other in conversation. So get to know someone else - perhaps your new acquaintance also traveling on the same route and is ready to share with you my tips. And just to chat with the representatives of other cultures - these are the things we remember on his return. But in addition, this type of friendship tied somewhere far from home happens to grow into a strong friendship.

5. retire, at least briefly

New friends is a good thing, but sometimes they can be boring - and here, you never know, should not you try to split up for a while. Anyway, remember, yes, you have a vacation together - but that does not mean that all the time you need to be with each other.
Love is not going anywhere, but the interests of you and your partner may be different; Well, take a little time out - and go to the place where it will be interesting to you. Again - this way you can miss each other - and more pleasant for both will be reunited.
The psychologist adds: "Although the holiday together - a great chance to get to know each other better. It is important to bear in mind their interests and personal space. Take the time for a lesson, which is like you. If your companion does not want to visit any museum or attraction, whereas you have always wanted to go there, do not hesitate just go alone. A couple of hours will only separate your relationship to the benefit. "

6. Count to twenty

The hotel did not know about your reservation? Rude to the waiter in a restaurant? The taxi driver fool to break the bank?
Well, sometimes, what can you do. No need to transfer their bad mood on the partner. It is better to count to 20 (or even more) - and only then erupts. If at this stage can not be kept, and you still vent anger on your partner - try to calm down and do not forget to apologize.
Psychologist warns: "When a couple goes on vacation together for the first time, be prepared for what may happen omissions and minor quarrels. It is completely natural when two people spend 24 hours together for a long time. The main thing to remember that after the quarrel always comes reconciliation. "

7. Use the strengths of each other

Remember what you said to each other when they first met: "We are made for each other."
Well, even if you did not say anything like that - it would be nice to take into account that almost certainly have different strengths, but when they are connected, you turn into the perfect crew to travel. Suddenly, for example, you have a good at bargaining, and your partner is able to include a charm when you need to get the last remaining table in the restaurant, where you desperately sought.
The main thing - to use different talents to each other; if possible - the journey goes like clockwork - and then there will be something to remember.

8. Do not be passive

The psychologist said that saying "I do not care you choose," you will not only behave inertly but also give a signal to the satellite, you do not want to participate in joint decision-making process. As a result, this behavior may continue after the holidays. This does not mean that we should take all decisions for themselves, but to offer ideas and discuss possible options - it is important not only for a good holiday together but also for future relations in the pair as a whole.

9. The Board of Psychologist: treat everyone with humor!

When traveling alone, not to mention two people, issues and unexpected problems are inevitable. Better not to spoil his mood unnecessarily and just smile, seeing what is happening with humor. After all, the goal of any vacation - to relax, to return home full of energy and new experiences.

10 without taking his eyes from the papers

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