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Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train.

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Probably every second loves to travel because it is a new experience, emotions, memories and new knowledge. But in order to get to the right place, you need to get there. Very often this is done using buses, airplanes, ships, but the most common are the trains.

Advantages of travel by train are obvious: it is quite democratic and costs of transport, which has almost all the amenities, including the bed.

1. Train tickets can be ordered from the comfort of home, by telephone or via the Internet. Upon receipt you just show your passport and pay the full cost of the ticket, if it has not been paid previously (electronic money or a credit card).

2. If there are no tickets in one place, you can take in the other, and from there to get to the address of interest, it is possible to easily change the route and driving directions to leave of their own accord.

3. Another plus - is that all tickets can be purchased in advance, for example, on the way back, which means that there is no need to worry about how to get home in time and not to disrupt the release date to work.

4. Long train travel does not involve an overnight stay in hotels, nights and days will fly in the train compartment or a reserved seat, which will save on the night. For example, if you are coming by bus, this type of costs will have to be considered.

5. A pretty economical form of travel, to be exact directions, because the constant increase in gasoline prices does not involve car travel to an unfamiliar city or country.

6. Austerity schedules allow allocate their time and always on time provided on the spot.

7. There are all necessary conditions for travel (a toilet, a dining car for long-distance trains has a shower), which does not happen in the buses and cars.

Disadvantages of traveling by train.

Do not forget that along with the pleasures of a trip by train has its drawbacks, sometimes for some so serious that people refuse to travel by train.

1. As minuses are worth noting that long-distance trains require reservations and purchase tickets in advance, that is already in the past month you need to know where to go and have the intended route, and also be sure that the holiday will certainly be (unfortunately, often the work can be force majeure).

2. Not all parts of the world there is a railway, and therefore, this is not an ideal option for travel.

3. There is no way to stop where you want, such as a beautiful landscape can be observed only from the car window.

4. In summer the trains quite hot, especially if it's reserved seat or car without elevated comfort conditions.

5. can get nasty or dishonest neighbors in the coupe. It is ideal only ST, but it is quite expensive. On this, your documents should always be next to you. The road to the train, we recommend   Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking. In the bag instead of all your valuables. The bag can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. Belt sufficiently broad and strong. Its length can be adjusted. Bag with a zipper in the middle of the bag is a lot of pockets. There is one internal pocket with zipper for money or important documents. There are several pockets for cards, several pockets for passport and a transparent pocket for ID cards. There is a small pocket where you can fold the headphones, a USB flash drive or keys. Also key is a special lock in the middle of the bag.

Naturally, one can not say that traveling by train - it's bad or good. Everyone chooses for himself the kind of transport that it is convenient, and most importantly, is available both in a physical sense as well as in the material sense. Therefore, when planning a long trip, you need to consider all available options to determine the transport and one that will fully meet all the requirements of travelers.