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Accommodation at the hostel: tips

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Accommodation at the hostel : tips
For connoisseurs of inexpensive vacation, due to rising prices in hotels becomes indispensable for this hostel. Many still refer to such an institution, as a hotbed of infection, and this is a great opportunity to make a budget and a fun ride. After all, if most of the money you can spend on tours and entertainment.

What is a hostel - Features and Benefits

Here you'll find cheap accommodation and you will be able to prepare meals in the shared kitchen. Standard rooms at the hostel can accommodate a 4 to 16 people. There is room for two people, but they will cost you more. The bathroom in the hostel provided for general use.

In all countries, this type of hotel popular among students. First, the hostels are safe enough and include the necessary minimum for a comfortable stay. Secondly, they are really cheaper standard rooms and most of the money can be allocated for educational and recreation, especially if it is so planned to return to the hotel only for the night. In the third place, perfect for a large company. And fourth, I do not even have died, "the students' thirst for adventure and a whole new, and the romance of knowledge overshadows any inconvenience the absence of soft duvets, free shower gel, a butler at the entrance, and even snoring in the presence of a roommate.

In general, if you really want to see the Louvre, the clock walks through Paris, and possibly Prague, Venice, Florence, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, and many, many other cities of your dreams, the hostel can be your successful component of a great trip .

For those who have no experience of living in the hostel we can tell 11 important rules:

1. Away from prejudice

It is necessary to immediately understand the truth - any hostel in Europe is a clean and comfortable place in which cultured people live. It does not need to compare with a bad hostel.

2. Know the basics of the English language

Since the hostel is an international destination, it can relax the tourists who do not know your native language. Therefore, in any of the options is to restore the memory of the knowledge of the school curriculum.

3. Stop in hostels, on the recommendation

This information is always available on the Internet. On the trusted sites, you can see a lot of reviews and opinions of other people, which will help to make a decision when selecting a hostel. Also important will be the comments of your friends and acquaintances, who can always be trusted.

4. Take care of accommodation in advance

This condition is particularly important in the summer, and on the eve of the Christmas holidays. Circumstances may arise well, and you'll find the right place. But sometimes there is a situation when all the good options are already occupied, and before you leave a few days left. In this case, the most important thing - do not go into a panic and do not be upset. You necessarily get the right hostel.

5. Select a convenient location

The priorities are the hostels located in the city center or on the main tourist roads. This will help save time on trips and reduce transport costs.

6. Compare prices for accommodation

This is one of the main rules of the tourist who has chosen as a shelter hostel. Price may vary depending on the number of residents and the popularity of the place. Therefore, by looking at several options, you can easily make a choice. Compare prices for accommodation in the hostel room rates at hotels near. Even in the most exclusive hostel places should not be more expensive than a room in a hotel. This principle does not exclude the previous paragraphs: hostel should be in the tourist center of the city.

7. Check WI-FI zone

In today's world of technology, most of us are not able to leave the laptop, even when traveling. It is necessary to view e-mail, chat with friends, and to report their parent's affairs. Most likely WI-FI is free of charge, but it can not be connected. Therefore, it is necessary to specify in advance.

8. Maintain care for security

Live in the hostel but you are citizens of other countries. Each of them has its own national traditions, so you do not care to prevent. On the night of personal belongings should be placed in a safe or cabinet, the key to which is to be only you. Store documents better in a separate bag. We recommend Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is perfect for such a trip. This bag is small but compact. It can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. And best of all under clothing, so your documents will be under the supervision and always there. Belt bag can be adjusted individually. The bag has a lot of pockets, into which you can put your passports, keys, money, tickets, map of the country and telephone. The bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro, which can be especially important to put things. Just at the bag has a transparent pocket for ID cards. In the middle of the bag has a lock.
Violations of the rules of the hostel, you will always be able to inform the administration. But we should not exaggerate the disputed situation and suspicious of each guest.

9. Do not panic in case of force majeure

In any journey can happen trouble. In emergency situations, try to always stay calm, even if you hurt your interests personally. You should inform the administrator about the problem occurred and ask him to make every effort to solve it. For example, you may need a room corresponding to the description on the site, or the ability to move to a more quiet room. At the first opportunity, the administration is required to satisfy your request.

10. Sociability and friendliness

Almost everyone who visits another city, even for a short time, there is a need for social dialogue. The hostel will be able to satisfy you in this. It is possible that you here have forged new acquaintances who stop at the next journey. Staff will also be able to tell a lot of useful information.