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Travel by car: some tips

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The most common automobile tourism lovers rent a car on the spot, and it is quite clear why. especially not get far on your own car, unless you bring it to the starting point of the trip - and it is expensive, and justified except in the case of some off-road expedition.
Why do we go on with your own car?
A rational reason can be only one: because it is your own car. You got used to him, you believe in it (as opposed to rolling cars), it is well suited for your needs.

Also, the biggest advantage is the safety of your documents. However, we strongly recommend you retain and carry their documents in a separate bag, which must lie nearby. Note Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking . Documents should not put in a bag with things, as you put the bags in the trunk. And if necessary you will have to open the trunk to get everything out of the bag in search of documents. The bag has a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. If you need to get out of the car with a bag, you can hang it around your neck or shoulder. You will not have to hold it in his hands. Bag with zipper. Inside a lot of pockets for cards and passports. There is a small pocket for small items, such as USB flash drive, which is also on the snake. For the money and important papers, there is an inner pocket with zipper. There is also a lock, which can be attached keys. Even in the bag has pockets for ID cards, where you can put a driver's license. The advantages of this bag are that it can put a lot of things and they will always be in the manner and under your supervision.

Some people prefer to travel by car because it is quite expensive - a car of the same class, as opposed to the cheap models, rent is quite problematic.
Anyway, you have decided to go their own transport. What to consider?

Route not only by Land

In Europe, a fairly well-developed ferry service - so do not rush to exclude from its route points, separated from the main part of its water hazards. The ferry service is extremely well developed in the Baltic and North Seas, but it is often found in southern Europe.
Often, to get somewhere to the sea along with his car - and cheaper and faster than a detour. So explore similar opportunities in your area of interest. Fast ferries are inexpensive and extremely comfortable.

How convenient to be in the area on your car?
Trite, but think many people forget about it. For example, if you requires a trip to European cities - the so-date in Moscow, there will be a large SUV is extremely inconvenient. The narrow streets, small parking lot, and in general - you will look wildly.
On the other hand, even in Europe many difficult roads, and, if your goal - the natural beauty, but urban runabout may fail. Perhaps it is better to hire something a little more appropriate.
Or, for example, on German autobahns, having a car with an engine of less than 1.6 liters, you will feel very uncomfortable - you need to quickly go.
Formalities at the border

Carefully read the question in advance.
Insurance in Europe need to be sure, and not only in Europe. Without it, you simply can not miss, and if empty - possible problems you do not need.

Pay attention to the technical condition of machines: European border guards impose on him very hard and clearly prescribed requirements. Details need to clarify immediately before the trip because the rules are subject to change - but even with a crack in the windshield that may for a long time do not bother, you run the risk will not go away. Not to mention the more serious problems such as broken electrical. Yes, and compliance with environmental standards - an important point.

There are other nuances - for example, the Finns clearly indicated the date of transition to summer and winter tires, and they will have to adhere to, regardless of the actual weather.

Gasoline in Europe - an expensive, and in Asia - usually of poor quality. These two points - the basis for serious reflection.
Really serious: a voracious machine in Europe can be a major item of expenditure, and sensitive to the quality of fuel - an elementary break after dubious filling in Asia.
Another tip may seem ridiculous, but the real question - very serious. Make sure you know how your desired type of fuel called in the country where you are going.


In Europe, the need to strictly abide by the rules, or you may receive a fine of a few hundred euros. Parking is almost always paid, and it is also necessary to take into account. Goes beyond the speed limit can not be.
As for the possibility of an agreement with the police - all, of course, it depends on the country. In the northern and western parts of Europe orders. Keep this in mind.

Nuances of Europe
In the cities and abroad in Europe, there are some nuances, to understand that it is important for competent travel planning.
Europe - is not America and Asia, the use of cars in the city for a long time there is no longer encouraged. Even in relatively large settlements easy to face the fact that the entrance to the car in the center of the city is simply closed. And if it is not closed - there can not park, and if possible - that is very expensive.

Therefore, we need to think, where you'll be staying, and how to navigate. Hotel in the center of the pretty German town of a few hundred thousand inhabitants - that's fine, but you will have to leave the car somewhere on the outskirts.

Good luck on the road!
We wish you a pleasant journey with your own car. In this method, there are many advantages, not only the problems described above. It is worth at least a try!