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12 tips on how to buy cheap airline tickets

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Buying cheap, you can not travel 1-2 times per year, and much more. The cost of the ticket depends on the day of the week, the season, the number of days prior to departure, and more about what is useful to know before booking. Read tips on buying cheap tickets and start planning your trip now independent.

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Buy tickets at night or early in the morning before the start of the working day. Ticket prices at this time lower, and more choice.

Choose flexible dates. See all flight options in the next number (± 3 days).

Best price for tickets is 2 months (50-60 days) prior to departure. The fewer empty seats on the plane - the higher the cost.

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Buy tickets with departure / arrival in the middle of the week. The cheapest tickets are sold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the most expensive - at weekends and on holidays. Try to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday in the selected destination.

Flights with departure in the evening or at night are cheaper than in the morning or afternoon. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the additional cost of a taxi (the other modes of transport can not be accessed).

Fly in the offseason. At this time, the airline carried ticket sales. Off-season does not necessarily mean bad weather, just at this time travels fewer people, which means that prices fall not only on the flights but also for hotels.

Buy tickets at once in both directions (RT - Round Trip). One-way ticket (OW - One Way) can cost more than the return of

Search for last minute air tickets on charter flights. Unsold seats on charter flights to tourist agencies appear a few days before departure. trip destinations are usually resorts and popular destinations, which are sold in the tours. Search for last minute air tickets on charters best websites of tour operators specializing in the direction you want.

Fly with transfers. Flight one airline with the convenient connection can save a substantial amount. Be sure to pay attention to the time between connecting flights and the total duration of the flight.

Fly low-cost airlines. Low-cost airlines (low-costly, discounters) always offer the lowest prices on flights. The ticket price will be especially beneficial if you do not pay extra for additional services: checked baggage, meals, registration. Each country has it's (low-costly.

When searching for tickets, use the search engines. Metapoiskoviki finds at once all flight options in a given direction and you just have to choose. Fill in the search form of the city of departure and arrival, and select the date meta-search to show you all the flights and prices.

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