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6 tips for saving in a sea cruise

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The phrase "sea cruise" for most tourists is synonymous to "very expensive." But there is always the opportunity to go on a boat trip for 1-2 days visiting the capital of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia. More competition and pricing policies of individual Baltic Sea ferry companies have made sea travel accessible to all. How to enjoy the cruise and do without the extra, unnecessary costs?

Secrets savings sea cruise with a shared one of the oldest ferry companies. Her cruise ships go to Sweden, Estonia, and in the summer season in Latvia. During the 50 years of its existence, the "Viking" has formed its Scandinavian clear system of transport and training for them. An understanding of its features will help travelers to save money without giving up the necessary services and comfort on board.

Consider the season. Prices for cruises are always higher during the holidays, especially for Christmas and New Year. Traveling from Finland? Remember the Finnish school holidays: October 15-19 and 18-22 February ferries loaded completely and discounts are not available. If you are traveling on weekdays, check several options departure dates, depending on the day of the week prices may vary. Cheaper options recommended looking for the 30 days prior to travel date. A month before the departure of the ferry loading predicted relatively accurately and, if the passenger is less than expected, the booking system reduces prices.

Please fill in the cabin completely. Cruise ferries can boast the presence of a variety of cabins: 50-meter luxury suites with a private balcony and personal view of the sea or quadruple domestic economy class cabins. The choice is always yours, but one thing is important - the price billed for the cabin and does not depend on how many people it settled. Living in a cabin full of a composition by weight of the single traveler the price will be much more interesting. Just when the cabin is filled with your friends, you can safely leave your documents and where things are. For cruise need all the same documents as in any other journey, so we present to your attention Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 .It is very convenient for transportation or storage of documents. Bag on a belt, so you can wear it on the shoulder or around the neck. The belt is adjustable, you can make it longer or shorter as you wish. The bag is not large, but it perfectly placed several passports, securities, tickets, cards, phone. For added security, the bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro. In the middle of the bag has a lock, they can be mounted keys. The bag can be worn under clothing and no one will notice it. And you will not worry about your documents because they will always be near you.

Pay for meals with the purchase of the cruise. It is no secret that many go on a cruise for the sake of food on board, and it is justified: in buffet alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included, without limitation, and restaurant menus have to taste true gourmets. Pre-order dinner and breakfast simplifies and reduces the cost of logistics products in the port. Therefore, when the power in advance payment online, a price will always be 10% lower than with the same set of payment purchased on board.

Look for special offers and promotions. Sites ferry companies provide up to date information about low prices for any services: cabins, traveling by car or bike, on board space without the cabin in the warm season, etc. Those who often goes one ferry company would be beneficial to purchase a club card, earn bonus points and enjoy the privileges. If you have a discount coupon, promotion code, or gift certificate - do not forget to take advantage of it!

Drink tap water. Bottled water in the Nordic countries is not cheap, but when traveling on the ferry, you do not need to buy water on the ground or on board. With a single system of filters and mineralization, the water in the shower cabin or a drink in the bar will be equally suitable for drinking. on ships, purification system guarantees the quality of water on board on bottled level.

Save on hotels and the subsequent stages of the journey. Ferry companies have partnerships with all leading hotel chains.
The same applies to tours, bus transportation and even tickets to some of the other ferries that connect Sweden and Western Europe. Special rates are available on the website at the time of ticketing. If you travel a cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm, you will save significantly after spending 2 nights in the cabin, while you will have the whole day to explore the capital of Sweden and evening entertainment program on board on the way there and back.