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Being late for a connecting flight: what to do?

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If you missed your connecting flight, and the aircraft flew without you, do not panic and nervous. Breathe in, breathe out and go to the airline representatives - to defend their rights. The situation may be different, and there most of the output.

The delay caused by the air carrier

1 ticket, 1 airline
If you're holding a ticket to one airline, there is no cause for concern. In a case of delay of the first flight and being late for transplantation, in any depend on case you fly away - the only question is how soon. The airline will try to send you to the next flight because for every extra hour waiting passenger will have to pay.

1 ticket, 2 airlines
If you have a ticket on one form, and airlines are listed in it are different, then there is a cooperation agreement between the two - and you also no reason to worry. In a situation kogda1 airline flight delays, and you are late for a plane 2aviakompany, the problem should be solved 1aviakompaniya: contact their agent and wait to send the next flight.

2 tickets, airline 1 or 2
When buying two different forms of tickets are not fly your risks increase as you technically are not a transit passenger. This means that if you miss a connecting flight ticket on the second simply burn, even if you fly one airline flights. If the ticket has been bought back and forth, then canceled, and even a return ticket, as in the case of no-show. However, everything depends on the tariff - a more expensive fare will maintain a return ticket and return part of the sum for unused.

What to do?
Once you learn about aircraft delays 1 airline, put a stamp on the departure delay and call B2 Airlines connecting flight: ask to book a place for you on the next flight or to cancel your ticket - many carriers, particularly in Europe, were willing to meet clients. If you do not get connected with 2aviakompaniey, call the agency where the ticket bought, or ask members to inform 1aviakompanii late passengers. Often talks with the airline depend on the human factor and art negotiator.

If unable to reach an agreement and canceled the ticket, you have to buy tickets at their own expense. In this case, save all receipts and documents, as well as the mark of a flight delay, and within 6 months of contact with the claim in 1aviakompaniyu. However, no responsibility for being late for a connecting flight delay culprit can not be held (if tickets are decorated in different forms) - it says in the rules of all the carriers. You can expect only a small compensation for the delay of the flight, and then, if it was caused by the airlines, and not because of the weather or technical failure of the aircraft.

Missing your fault
Being late for the transplant - a fairly frequent case. Passengers may not calculate the time of transplant, leaving less than an hour, or do not take into account that the arrival and departure takes place in the different airports of the city, or arrange luggage is not to destination and the connection to the airport and did not have time to re-deliver the items for the flight. In all these cases, the air carrier shall not be obliged to assist the passenger. But turn to the airline representatives still stands: there are cases where clients were going to meet, sent on the next flight or return some of the money for the ticket. The main thing - relaxed and friendly negotiations.

In order not to be late for the flight, airport checks in advance the plan and leave sufficient time for transplant: at least 2 hours, if it is one airport, and 4 hours if the airports are located in different parts of the city. Baggage should be issued immediately to the destination. Tickets purchased in the same form will save your nerves, effort, and money in case of delay.

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If you miss your connecting flight you should serve the same as when the flight is delayed, that is, to provide:
Right - mother and child room for passengers with children. Provide luggage storage.
After 2 hours - soft drinks, 2 telephone calls or two e-mails.
After 4 hours - hot meals. Next fed every 6 o'clock in the afternoon and every 8 hours at night.
After 6 hours at night and after 8 hours in the afternoon - in a hotel room, plus a shuttle.

If the flight delay was caused by the fault of the airline, it is possible to demand financial compensation. The amount of payment is stipulated in the Air Code.
In practice, airlines give out money passengers are not in a hurry, and are usually limited bonuses for the purchase of another ticket. If you are set to finish the job, ask for a note about being late flight the air carrier representative at the site and, after returning home, make a claim to the airline representative at the airport of departure or destination within 6 months. The answer is to follow within 30 days. If he did not satisfy you, you can go to court.
In foreign companies payments are calculated differently.