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Four of the myth of packet rounds that it is time to dispel

Last time we talking about    Being late for a connecting flight: what to do?

Which date is better to go on vacation, and what better than to cross in the calendar with a red cross? Why tours are cheap and that guarantees its tourist's travel agencies? Reveals the secrets of organized tourism.
Myth 1: Separate the journey much budgetary

In fact, the profitability of organized tourism or self-booking depends on the direction: massive - cheaper, exclusive - expensive. It is clear that Tunisia on all inclusive will be profitable with full packages. Wineries in Provence better watch you. However, and educational tourism can be a convenient "package". Having bought the tour can be very profitable to fly, for example, to Spain, to settle near to the resort and to go and see Barcelona in the Catalan capital at least every day.
Charter flights are always more profitable regular posts, and "off-season" still reduces the cost of the permit.

Myth 2. If the tour is cheap - so this is a catch

Often overlooked by tourists profitable tours, because I do not believe that they really are so cheap, and expect additional payments and other charges. But the cheapness is always a rational explanation.
unsold aircraft
Tour operators are buying tickets for scheduled and charter flights to popular destinations in advance when planning the entire season. That is, they have a right to substantially reduce the price of tickets if they do not have time to snap up before departure.
Shares in the direction of
Tour operators often hold shares to certain destinations with discounts up to 50-60% - when an urgent need to sell tours to a particular resort by the Inland tour plan.
Not a season
Always advantageous travel immediately after the holidays - when the tourists come back from a holiday and health resorts are empty, and the planes are not filled. For example, by the end of January or the May holidays. And with the return date, which coincides with the beginning of the holidays.
Hot tour
If you plan a trip to the country with a visa regime, and before departure is only five to seven days, the advantage is obtained multi visa owners. For example, after the May holidays to travel to Greece discounts up to 70%. Within five to seven days, you would not have time to apply for a visa, but if the "Schengen" is already there, you can always travel to European resorts on last minute buying a tour for a few days before the departure date.
Early booking
By early booking system, you can save up to 40% on the purchase of the tour in a specific hotel (often very popular). The basic principle - the redemption of the tour or partial payment with a stop in the peak period (summer or New Year's Eve), but not necessarily in advance - for a few months. Hoteliers important to know how many tourists to them inhabited, and is convenient to get the money as soon as possible.
With self-journey is always beneficial to buy a plane ticket for half a year, or more precisely, at least 29 weeks prior to departure. In addition to tickets to European countries often hold stocks, especially if you fly on just two or three nights. Then buy the tour does not make sense.
Myth 3. Tours - it's boring, and for pensioners

Any tour can always adjust by itself. For example, go to Ayia Napa, take the car and ride around the island. No rights? Sign up for any tours or explore the local and they will arrange an exclusive sightseeing tour for a very modest money. In the evening, come off at the disco, get acquainted with tourists from around the world train English.
Myth 4: There are no guarantees!

Many believe that many intermediaries involved in the travel purchase process and during the actual rest, with the result that no one is responsible if something goes wrong. In fact, everything is different.

For example, a travel agency that works with several tour operators on the same terms, though an intermediary, taking responsibility for the organization of your holiday. You are guaranteed a visa because there is an agreement with the consulates. If you have any problems at the airport, immediately communicate with the representatives of tour operators on the ground and solve them. If you're late for a flight, helping to find and buy the cheapest ticket for the next flight, and associated with the hotel, warning about being late. If you are not satisfied with the hotel, you are required to move to another hotel of the same category. The independent travel agencies even help write a complaint to the tour operator and request a refund. To request assistance in the organization of services or compensation for losses, you can always contact your travel agent on the direct telephone or email.
There is a possibility that the tour operator (not travel agency) will go bankrupt - and then you lose everything. To avoid such risks, refer only to trusted tour operators, which are registered in a public registry.

When buying a plane ticket and booking a room in the hotel for each item corresponds directly or airline or hotelier. The hotel is hardly closed and airlines rarely go bankrupt. If you cancel a scheduled flight you are required to transplant to another flight or to compensate for the ticket price. And hotels are afraid of negative feedback and do their best to make you satisfied holiday.

One of the most important moments in the journey is the security of documents. We strongly recommend you retain and carry their documents in a separate bag, which must lie nearby.  Note Travel Wallet & Passports Holder with RFID Blocking .  The bag has a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. If you need to absent himself on business, you can hang it around your neck or shoulder. You will not have to hold it in his hands. Bag with zipper. Inside a lot of pockets for cards and passports. There is a small pocket for small items, such as USB flash drive, which is also on the snake. For the money and important papers, there is an inner pocket with zipper. There is also a lock, which can be attached keys. Even in the bag has pockets for ID cards, where you can put a driver's license. The advantages of this bag are that it can put a lot of things and they will always be in the manner and under your supervision.