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Individual tours: advantages and disadvantages

Last time we talking about    Four of the myth of packet rounds that it is time to dispel

Regardless of when you are going on vacation, in most cases, you refer to a travel agency to purchase the tour. This article will try to find out the pros and cons of an individual tour.

The individual tour represents a range of different tourist services that are provided by the tour operator alone tourist or group of tourists. During this tour a possible number of additional services, such as the provision of a car with a personal driver and personal guide-guide.

This tour is selected taking into account all the wishes of the client. This includes the selection of hotel, catering at a restaurant or cafe, planning different activities and excursions. These customer requirements are the responsibility of a travel company that organizes such a trip. Travel company negotiates in advance all the issues relating to changes in travel itinerary and visit other sites of entertainment and excursions.

Most of these tours are interested in newly minted couples, business representatives, who are traveling in an unfamiliar place but having free time to organize their leisure.
Individual tours, in most cases bought by tourists who want to get the most from the holiday experience and to see what is not usually included in the standard package tour.

For those who fit individual tours?
These tours tourists interested in the most, who are interested in unique or has not yet gained popularity destinations. In other words, we can say that these tours are primarily intended for those who want to make your holiday different from what is offered by travel agencies to most tourists.

Therefore, an individual tour is the event for those who want to make a unique journey. In most cases, these tourists choose tours for which a holiday does not fit into the framework of the group round of the program. And if you're a creative person, good command of English and are constantly looking for something new and interesting, the individual selection of tours abroad, just what you need for a good rest.

Questions that solves a travel agency when ordering an individual tour.
Despite the fact that you can independently decide how you will relax, and what you will do, but almost do without the guidance and advice of a travel company representative you can not do. Naturally, the basis of his individual tour you have thought about themselves, but without knowing the specifics of the country or the proposed measures, it will be difficult, and most importantly, beneficial to organize your holidays.

As a rule, travel company or agency you will pick up and offer a number of options:

1. aircraft departure and departure of trains.
2. Hotels placed close to the excursion objects that you want to visit.
3. Transfer to individual parts of the journey.
4. A variety of outings.

In fact, this is the same set of services as in packet tours, only for you individually. You will be offered transfers excursions, at any time convenient to you, will order lunch or dinner in a restaurant, arrange fishing on a yacht or a safari. The travel agency will make your personal tour of the best recruitment services chosen by you, as well as its cost.

You may want to reduce their costs by using the standard tour package, in this case, it can be supplemented by the activities of their choice.

Rejecting the services offered tour and decide to solve and organize everything yourself, you should be prepared to lose a number of pleasures due unharmonized their actions. You can lose a number of free services or places that were booked before the Agency for the duration of stay in the country you have chosen for your vacation. The many questions and situations that will have to solve on their own, can greatly overshadow the impression of the rest.

The individual tour can be both simple and complex.

Simple personal tour.
When making this tour a travel agency to reserve for customer air or train tickets at a certain date and time, reserve a hotel, engaged in registration of visa, if necessary, rent a car at the point of arrival and transfer to the hotel and back. Tours of this type are called fly & drive.

Sophisticated individual tour.
When making this tour provides the order the entire set of services according to the customer's choice. The travel agency has been booking airline tickets for flights to the country. The agency also organizes internal displacement, organized a meeting at the point of arrival and prepares all transfers. In terms of travel, agency responsibilities include the choice of hotel and room reservations from the tour. Also, the travel agency is engaged in renting a car registration, aircraft, helicopter, boat or jeep safari.

On request, the travel agency can hire to seek the necessary equipment for the tour. It can be equipment for hunting, fishing, surfing, diving, sailing, rafting, for downhill skiing.

Luxury Travel Agency is required to present to the client route map showing the possible difficulties, will issue all the necessary permits for the movement in the host country.

If the client wishes can be shifted to a travel agency efforts on the organization of trips to private islands or monasteries. It will organize short-term and long trips, purchase of tickets for concerts, competitions, and festivals.

Also, a travel agency can book your tables in cafes and restaurants, to book a place to participate in the banquet. If the customer wants the tour to improve their health, the agency will help you to write an appointment with specialists world-known clinics.

From tourists in a given situation will depend only on the correct execution of its terms of issues and challenges that must be solved for him a tour. It will be a competent designation of the route, the number of hotel star rating, class of car, the exact designation of days of stay and the number of tourists.

All questions that arise during the preparation of the tour, the travel agency directly solved by specialists in the round design.
It should be borne in mind that individual tourism has positive and negative sides.

The positive sides include:

1. Individual route. You may at its discretion choose a place that is going to visit. This alone decides how long you will stay in a particular country, and where to go next.
2. Individual travel program. We all know that people are different and they have different tastes and desires. Traveling by yourself, you have the opportunity to choose for themselves the daily program of rest, in accordance with their interests. You alone decide what to visit in the first place - an exhibition, a museum, or simply go on a sea voyage on a yacht.
3. The possibility of booking the tour directly. Choosing an individual journey, you be an opportunity to address in a travel company of the country, which is going to go on vacation. It is clear that in this case there is some risk, but that is your concern.
4. No reference to a group of tourists. This fact can be considered the most significant argument. After all, in fact, we are going on a journey to take a break from work and everyday worries, but also on people. And going on a vacation in a group tour to do it pretty difficult.

The negative side of individual stages:

1. Price. It is clear that a personal tour because of the circumstances of the group will be more expensive. After the guide, transfers, excursions on one or two people will cost more than the same services to the group consisting of 30-40 people.
2. Time. It is clear that the planning and preparation of individual tour will take some time. It will have to choose a tour, get directions, see the sights, book road transport. And if these questions will deal with your travel agency, you will have to decide whether you want to decide these questions for you. But it is also expensive because you have to pay for everything.
3. Documents. In most cases, the package of documents for an individual tour will be a few more. In some cases, you need additional paper, for example, a different type of visa. Store documents better in a separate bag. We recommend Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is perfect for such a trip. This bag is small but compact. It can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. And best of all under clothing, so your documents will be under the supervision and always there. Belt bag can be adjusted individually. The bag has a lot of pockets, into which you can put your passports, keys, money, tickets, map of the country and telephone. The bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro, which can be especially important to put things. Just at the bag has a transparent pocket for ID cards. In the middle of the bag has a lock.
4. The decision further questions. A number of problems you add the daily decision-making and usage. Especially it will be difficult for those who do not speak English. After all, next to you will not be a guide who knows how to solve and fix all the everyday troubles. Even the organization of your meals during the individual tour you can create a number of problems, especially in those cases when you speak English poorly.

Among the tourists, there is a misconception that an individual tour is costly. But in many cases, it is not. After an expensive tour involves the provision of a set of high-level service, and an individual, as opposed to expensive, it provides an opportunity to save. Tourist can profitably purchase certain services and correctly distribute the costs on your own. It is important to note the fact that the individual tour is possible in any direction, as in the economy, and on the road.

Tourists should not scare the expression "individual booking". The provision of such services does not involve significant financial investment, it only helps to avoid the tourist set standards, and yourself and the people around you to give an unforgettable holiday.