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How to avoid the tourist traps

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Several years ago, the famous traveler and writer Gregory Dikam and his wife went on vacation to Bangkok (Thailand). First of all, the couple decided to visit the famous tourist attraction of Khao San Road. However, they waited for cruel disappointment: instead of an exciting walk through the "real Thailand" they saw the same crowd of tourists, and no local resident and not caught their eye! Getting in a small alley in the neighborhood, the couple was surprised to find a small but charming Buddhist temple, the congregation which was celebrated a holiday. They were so friendly people, immediately offered to foreigners newcomers to share their meal and take part in the general merriment. In this case, it turned out to be such a wonderful place is the tourist routes. "It is obvious that every traveler yearns to see the authentic Thailand or any other country - writes Dikam - But few dare to go 200 meters away from of the popular guidebook of the route This feature of the tourist traps:. Instead of the beauty of a place you see! other tourists. "

From the foregoing, of course, it should not be inferred that the bowl with a thick soup of clams on the dock fishing - one of the official symbols of San Francisco (USA) - does not deserve a place of honor among the popular attractions. And, perhaps, nothing can replace a walk around these pyramids in Giza (Egypt). However, not all destinations are the same. Some of them, no doubt, deserve the stigma full of traps for travelers. Assessing the crowds of noisy tourists instead of the promised silence, vivid landscapes for postcards instead alleged exquisitely picturesque expenses and comparing advertising appeals to the reality, we have compiled a short list of truly remarkable ways.

Sometimes only a very thin line separates the tourist trap of visitors crowded, but noteworthy trends. Some experts say that the easiest way to distinguish one from the other in terms of noise and excessively high prices for a variety of trinkets. Avoid places where the sounds are transformed into howling automotive signalization

Also not worth to linger where you are forced to pay a high price for goods or services that can be purchased around the corner in paragraph five times cheaper. An excellent illustration of this is the example of New York (USA). On the eve of any holiday, the famous Times Square receives hundreds of tourists and their number before the New Year comes to 35,000! If all these carefree happy travelers come here to feel the light atmosphere of the old and romantic metropolis, they are waiting for the inevitable disappointment. Today, Times Square resembles a huge playground for mass family holidays: brightly painted places where you can quickly eat. But just a few blocks away (no matter which direction you go) you can see the real New York, with its small cozy restaurants and boutiques.

It is believed that the real tourist traps suck his "victim" emotionally and financially, leaving alone with a surprised thought: "And why did I come here?" So, for all his charm, Europe is famous for the largest concentration of the most insidious "traps" for unsuspecting travelers. These include bus tours. And the only way out of this situation, an effective way to avoid becoming a victim of advertising, is looking for alternative sites. For example, we should not exclude Egypt from the personal list of places that are worth a visit, because around the pyramids of Giza are constantly a crowd of foreigners. Instead, spend time in the Valley of the Kings where the archeologists are still finding new tombs and so far unseen artifacts. Of course, and this place does not suffer from a lack of tourists, but the massive day trips here is not so crowded. The same case and with the capital of Italy. Unable to resist the temptation to arrange a real "Roman Holiday" with an indispensable overview of the Trevi Fountain. However, the reality is that the modern atmosphere of the Eternal City more crazy than romantic. But out there always! Spend some euros for the world's best espresso, which is made only in a small cafe on Rome's Piazza countless, and you will understand that knowingly decided on this little story.

Some experienced travelers believe that the tourist traps so much part of modern life, that it is easier to accept and even love, what to avoid. This opinion is based on the fact that a number of attractions - the value of a more or less constant, but the number of people in general and tourists in particular on the planet is growing with each passing second. With this statement hard to argue. However, each of us still has a chance to spend a wonderful time full in a randomly chosen spot. The real problem is the tourist traps that they literally bombard us with the fact that we are already familiar: the food, which we have repeatedly tried, and which can be bought in a department store across the street from your house, etc. This, of course, there is nothing wrong, but going on a journey, we want to get a whole new experience, get acquainted with the fact that they could not imagine before. And certainly not wish to pull a life familiar to us. It happens so that the pitfalls to avoid is simply impossible. Then there is one thing: to walk when others are resting. There are places where a visit is unavoidable, particularly for novice travelers. But you can apply to visit at a time when the crowd of foreigners does not seem so big. For example, all the guests of Athens (Greece), be sure to visit the Acropolis. Does this mean that you should not go there? Of course not! This is one of the greatest achievements of civilization, and pass, is very close, it would be pointless. So it is easy to change the mood, with whom go on such a tour.

Thus, we should not forget about the safety of documents. Documents must be close at hand but out of sight of strangers. Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1 suit you. Bag small size designed for passports, documents, money, keys, and telephone. The bag can be worn around the neck or on the shoulder. If you are out of the car - it is better to take the documents with him. When all the paperwork and the phone is in your bag, you will not have to collect all the things and lay out on the pockets. Another plus - security. You can put the bag under your clothes and no outsider can not get your valuables.

Following on such a random route, you are bound to run into a lot of interesting and magical trinkets that make up the unique atmosphere of the area but go unnoticed by amateur standard tours. Remember the main thing: the most interesting always happens with us in the field, selected randomly.