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Safety for tourists in the US

Last  time we talking  bout  How to avoid the tourist traps

Some travelers have the illusion that the US - really a free country ...

There is another stereotype - in the United States is ruled by money. But when confronted with the reality of both the myth scattered: freedom in the country is rather conventional, but the law is harsh, and the same for all. This article - a kind of guide for the trip to the States: that, in the opinion of an expert on survival, should know the tourist crossing the border of the country.

Law supremacy
"I do not advise to break laws. You write out a high penalty, regardless of social status. From politicians and film, stars are demanding the same as that of an ordinary citizen, and often fined for traffic violations, drug abuse and so on. Sometimes local elite even imprisoned or sentenced to correctional labor.

From politicians and film, stars are demanding the same as that of an ordinary citizen. For speeding, you face a fine of about a thousand dollars, and you can even put behind bars in some cases.

The powers of the police
In the Free State can be on level ground to get shot in the forehead. Yes, yes, you heard right! This is likely to happen if a police officer finds that your actions are dangerous. Who they are threatening - that is another question, it is much less concerned with power.

The power of the state bodies is practically no limit.
Once I witnessed such a history in the state of North Carolina: Police shot and killed the black for all the family. The man was waiting for her son after school and read a book in the car on the parking lot of the school. The cop also showed that African American holding a gun. During the incident, the wife of the dead man was screaming that her husband had no weapons, and tearfully begged him not to lower the hammer. And this case - it is familiar to the States. Such situations have become commonplace because the power of state bodies is practically no limit. Every policeman knows that protects the rule of law, and believes that the law on his side.

Proper interaction with police - tourist collateral security in the United States.

1. If you are going to the country, look at all kinds of forums and articles to know how to behave in the territory of States.

2. Try to strictly observe the rules learned.

3. Remember that each state its laws, and the laws of different states may differ significantly from each other.

4. Keep yourself at id. Traditionally, the main document in the United States - a driver's license.

5. If a cop stopped you on the road, behave as follows:

Turn right, stop and switch off the car engine. Then slightly open window, and keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Wait for the police and exactly follow his instructions.

If you are asked not to go out, stay where you are.

Keep your distance, do not invade personal space representative of the law.

Be prepared to drive to the police station and pay the penalty (by the way, just in case, keep in possession of five hundred to thousands of dollars in this case).

Strongly advised going into the glove compartment, purse or pockets, as is often done. Weapons in the United States legally, so the police probably will suggest that you look for the gun.

6. If you do not speak English, use a translator on the phone. Learn a few basic phrases like "I came from ..." and "I need an interpreter."

7. Do not even think to offer a bribe to a police officer.

8. Many American cops working undercover. They watch over the observance of the law, but not recognized by their clothing or car. Keep this in mind and do not relax.

9. Next to no police? Do not rejoice too soon: If you commit a crime, most likely tell you. When this happens, the representatives of the law thrown all their efforts to catch the attacker. In addition, the country introduced a reward for denunciations. Having passed the man who shot a police officer, you can get from the state about $ 2 million.

High vigilance will do you good
We have another side to the coin: on American roads is order. Accident and arrogant riders here - a rarity.

If you behave in accordance with the law, do not be afraid to ask a representative of the law for help. He always tells you how to get to the desired location, and can even take a picture with you.

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With the right obedient citizens of the US, police are extremely welcoming.