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Safety during cruise

Last time  we talking about   Some restrictions on travel

Going on a trip on a cruise ship, many are wondering about the safety while traveling. Ensuring the protection of passengers during an emergency - the primary task of the entire crew. Therefore, stepping on board a cruise liner can relax and enjoy your holiday, for river and sea vessels - the safest way to travel.
However, you, as a tourist, must know and follow all safety rules existing on the ship. To do this you will hold briefings, get acquainted with the regime and the list of prohibitions. This approach ensures the comfort and safety of all passengers and crew members. We will talk about how to behave in case of emergency, how to act during a holiday on the ship, become familiar with the basic rules and prohibitions during the cruise.

Training ship
Sea and river cruises considered the safest for a reason. It all starts with the construction of the ship, in the design of the court invested a huge margin. Plus, these huge machines, despite its size, has high maneuverability, allowing the captain to adjust the course according to the changes of weather at sea.

Life-saving appliances

Each ship is equipped with an excess of life-saving appliances. You can be sure that you have enough not only to the vest but also a place in the boat. After all, the excess of the total number of passengers is strictly prohibited and regulated by the relevant authorities. And all places on life-saving more than passengers. All rescue equipment, as well as the liner itself, is subject to an annual inspection.

Lifebuoy is needed to help a drowning man overboard. Find these circles can be on the upper decks in easily accessible places.

Lifejacket - Individual life-saving vests are available in every living room, in a special ward.

Inflatable raft - the main means for the evacuation of tourists, throwing off the board with such inflated rafts on their own and provide up to 25 persons each. A number of inflatable rafts exceed the total number of people staying on the ship.

Boat and Motorboat - designed to rescue the crew, can be with or without an engine.

Primary instruction and rules of behavior of passengers

In addition to the security measures taken to the entrance of the passengers on the ship, there are rules for holidaymakers, breach or non-observance of which can lead to bad consequences. In order to enter all the ropes and familiarize people with the procedure established on the ship, hold the briefing.
The first thing travelers will encounter it - drill. Mandatory event held during the first days after departure. Most often, a drill is conducted prior to departure, after all, the passengers climb aboard.

First place for holidaymakers and cabins have warned that after the alarm, they will need to wear vests and proceed to the upper deck. The seemingly boring, this procedure carries with it a very important function - to acquaint people with the order of acts, as well as escape routes during the accident. The team members will help you deal with putting on a vest, choosing the right route, as well as other issues.
Having collected all on the upper deck, the team begins to familiarize passengers with the main signals and actions.

Rules for passengers

One of the points of the briefing is to introduce people to the rules for holidaymakers, with which compliance - not recommendations, and clear instructions.


-Being on the premises;

-Transporting birds or other animals;

-Sitting on the rail, running around the decks, climbeth over the fence;

-Bathe in the vicinity of the vessel or directly from it;

-Drink tap water, bottled water coolers to be all over the ship;

-Corruption and the removal of items from the cabin;

-Doing business, campaign activities, collect donations or to conduct a lottery;

-To remain on the ship without identity papers or travel.

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Fire safety:

-It is forbidden to smoke in the premises of the ship or in places not intended for smoking;

-It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts, matches or any other debris overboard;

-It is forbidden to use heaters (electric kettle, iron, and others.)

-It is forbidden to carry flammable, explosive and narcotic and toxic substances.

-When fire or smoke, it is important to inform the members of the crew immediately.
Public order:

- It is forbidden to make noise after 23:00;

- Drinking alcohol is prohibited in common restaurants and other eating places.

- People in strong alcoholic intoxication, and who break the rules - are placed in a detention facility, with subsequent transfer of the police at the nearest port.

- Resting, disturbing their neighbors around the cabin, it can be deprived of the right to occupy his place and transferred to the detention center.
These are the basic rules for the sea or a river cruise on the liner, further expanding the list based on the requirements of your career.

Important! Do not neglect the requirements and instructions of the crew, even during the fire drill. Independent, uncontrolled actions of tourists may prevent the team to carry out a quick and complete evacuation of passengers.

To summarize, we can say that a river or a sea journey on a cruise ship may be your one of the best vacation. But in order not to spoil it yourself and others travelers should follow the simple but important safety regulations and internal regulations.
The remaining concerns lie on the shoulders of an experienced team, which will be able not only to organize your leisure time but also help in case of an accident. These people will act quickly, effectively, and you just need to follow the instructions.