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Extreme tourism. It's cool or not?

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Lovers of thrills will say that extreme tourism - this is the best that is in the earth. Is it so? Everyone has a desire to get on a desert island or take a trip around the world. There is something in this alluring, but, alas, there is also a great danger.
Firstly, tourism - a hobby that brings cognitive information and fun, but not always rests. Sometimes hiking harassed tourists, but it is this aspect of tourism as a moral satisfaction from the done way, attracts admirers. Secondly, the fans are looking for extreme thrills, neglecting more general aspects of tourism.

What can we give extreme tourism?

The great pleasure if we reach our goal. Examples of such wake: the conquest of the mountain, round trip or vacation in the wild territories. Of course, the feeling we get memorable, but the degree of danger ... Is he worth it? We will try to fully cover it.

An example for the consideration of this topic will take the conquest of the mountain peaks. Ins will climb adrenaline (in moderation), a sense of height, freedom, landscapes (if visibility). Outs will serve the same factors, but in a negative action, such as: fear, uncertainty, lack of preparation for the ascent, minus visibility, improper behavior on the height, physical fatigue, unbalanced psyche (meaning that the moral fatigue, people have to lose property control of himself) and many phobias of which you may not know. Naturally, we are talking about tourism, not reaching the goal, as the broken record. In this case, you have a choice of where to go.

A few more details about the extreme: all actions that may be harmful to you or the people around you, you should think through in advance. Regarding tourism, then we must prepare for many months. First of all, physical fitness and mental stability must be on top. Otherwise, you are in danger. Second, self-confidence - the number one enemy! The world knows a lot of stories that are good swimmers were heated in shallow rivers, and the best climbers broke his neck just after falling from a height of two meters. Everything should be in moderation!

Even ordinary vacation on the wild lands of Africa, where you are offered a ride in the open jeep through the desert, can end in tragedy. That is why companies offer travel mainly closed machine, taking care so as to customer safety. Of course, there will be less extreme, but it is not so dangerous.

So ultimately up to you, but here's a tip: if you are just beginning to exercise their travel dreams, then why start with the dangers? Spend the holidays in peace and quiet, but if you do it is not enough, only then you can start with a dangerous tourism.

Extreme vacation! Flight of the soul or the desire to get away from problems?

Which option to choose vacation? To go to a beach resort, in the resort, famous sightseeing city or take the tent and to nature?

Becoming increasingly popular extreme forms of recreation. It's as simple old hiking with a tent in the woods or mountains, and enough advanced rafting on the raft or catamaran, scuba diving, cycling or mountaineering tourism and others.

You can hear the opinion that the hike in the woods, is a kind of attempt to escape from solving some of the life's problems. In other words, a kind of manifestation of cowardice and weakness.
Or the desire to get closer to nature, to gain strength, to relax from the hustle and bustle, to get an aesthetic pleasure and new experiences. And then just treat the soul.

Just imagine, that can give only a few days of immersion in nature. You can stop and think about the difficult situation in life, you have to take a kind of timeout. There, among the trees and rocks, you will not interfere constantly arising additional questions on which decision should be distracted. Silence and clarity of thought, which is inherent in nature, remarkably contributes to effective thinking. And the fact that in the bustle of the city seemed intractable and difficult task often gets a simple and clear solution.

There is in this kind of recreation is something insensible, inexplicable. Perhaps for this and we are going? And even if sometimes have to overcome the difficulties, such as soak in the rain, freeze, feeling muscle pain or endure the bites of mosquitoes, all this is more than outweighed by the fact that you get. This is the power, the energy, clarity of thought, confidence in themselves and their abilities, enjoy the beauty that can not transfer any photos or videos. And this is really the invisible flight of the soul.

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