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How to get rid of the sickness?

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When traveling by car, plane or cruise, many of us do not feel very comfortable with. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heart pain, malaise - all of these symptoms are signs of sickness. This is called motion sickness, and scientifically kinetosis. Many of the reason terribly afraid to go to any trip, especially long. But all is not as bad as it seems. According to statistics, 30% of the world population suffers from motion sickness syndrome, and in extreme cases (pitching during sea cruises, etc.) - 70% of the number of people affected by this ailment.

reasons for motion sickness
In fact, kinetosis - it is not exactly a disease, but a kind of state, which is close to it. Each person has symptoms of motion sickness can occur in very different ways. Someone increases heart rate, one feels weak, and someone overcome by nausea and even vomiting. Physicians have noted that such symptoms arise due to changes in the position of the head and the body in space. The result is a disruption of the vestibular system, which is located in the inner ear. It is worth noting that to get rid of motion sickness quite difficult, but many notes that pass such a state by itself in the event that to travel very often. And while adhering to some of the tips, which we will introduce you now.

Where motion sickness can occur?
Most often subjected to motion sickness people suffering from  diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Large growth and overweight also contribute kinetosis. Suffer rocking children from 2 to 12 years. In most cases, motion sickness occurs:

- a car
- in the plane (air sickness)
- Sea (motion sickness)
- in a movie theater with 3D effect
- the rides

Motion sickness - symptoms:
Motion sickness is accompanied by characteristic symptoms, although different people have the disease can manifest itself in different ways. The main symptoms of motion sickness are:

- dizziness
- headache
- heartbeat
- weakness
- paleness of the skin
- cold sweat
- excessive salivation
- nausea
- vomiting

How to get rid of motion sickness
Unfortunately, avoid traveling in modern life is almost impossible. It's part of our lives, and there's nowhere to go. But if you know how to overcome motion sickness, then all fears can be forgotten quickly.

If you have planned a trip by car or hop on a plane, the first thing you need to do it on the eve of a good rest. Try to spend this time in a relaxed atmosphere, not to worry and be sure to sleep well. The day before is not to overeat, drink alcohol. On the day of the trip also can not eat a lot, but also hungry to hit the road is not necessary. Eat light porridge, and in the road take the fruit, low-fat yogurt. Well, that the road could quench your thirst, bring a warm tea without sugar, but it is best to water. To get rid of motion sickness, give up drinking milk, smoked, spicy and fried foods, carbonated beverages.

Take the road candies with mint or another flavor. Lemon can also help get rid of sickness. To do this, sometimes enough to hold in the mouth a slice.
When you start to rock, try to chew tea leaves of green tea, but be sure to dry.
In no case do not read while driving - it can cause nausea.

Location during movement
To get rid of motion sickness, choose a convenient place for a trip. For example, to fly in an airplane, try to buy tickets to the places, which are located in the center of the cabin or between the wings. In a car, it is best to sit on the front seat and look straight ahead at the road. The train can also catch motion sickness, then choose a place in the central and primary carriages. As to the ship, there is best done while the top and the middle deck, as close to the stern. And, of course, do not try too much to admire in the water spaces.

Swings and roundabouts - an effective way to strengthen children's vestibular system.

How to avoid travel sickness

Before a long journey on a ship, aircraft, motor vehicles, it is desirable to be tested for motion sickness.
In a moving vehicle should not look to the side windows. The vision should be directed forward and the side windows must be shuttered.

Young children should be transported in a special road seats.

For 6-12 hours before the trip is recommended to refrain from eating, do not feed the children close to the long road.

On the eve of traveling should not eat fatty and junk food, you should avoid drinking alcohol.

People prone to motion sickness is not recommended to read while driving.

In the plane and bus should choose a place closer to the wing of the aircraft or the pilot's cabin and the driver.

In a moving vehicle, it is recommended to take the direction of travel.

Sucking candies while traveling significantly reduces the risk of kinetosis.

Frequent use of the cooled liquid in small sips and fresh air helps prevent motion sickness.

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