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Chief lines of your life

Tourism. Active and passive.

Last  time  we talking  about    What caravanning?

Why do people not sit at home? Why are they always pulls somewhere for adventure? Yes, all because people think that where they are not necessarily better, and the grass is greener, the sky bluer. So they go to the distant and not very edge, to ensure that the home is best. And back home, they will live a little bored, and again. So again, it's time to change the situation and go somewhere in the path.

Tourists divided into two types: some prefer outdoor activities, others are calmer.

By the method of active rest can be attributed all kinds of movement: hiking (to some extent here include mountain hiking and skiing), rafting on various rivers (eg, the rivers of Karelia), hiking, cycling, automotive tourism, international tourism. Even beach holidays can be transformed into an active, if not lie belly up, and do, such as beach volleyball and diving.

Also, tourists can be divided into lovers of comfort (hotels and inns) and easy to close our eyes to some inconvenience (for example, lives in a tent). Although in the latter case it is possible to create such conditions have not dreamed any of the hotels: for example what is the form of the "box" tent.

Tourists are also divided by age and in adults and children. Differences between the groups only some features: children can not sit for a long time in the car or stomp on the trails, but they are growing in the eventful atmosphere. The adults enjoy the change of places and communicating with children at home is given so little time.

No need to head in the clouds and think about the fact that tourism is an inexpensive form of recreation (especially international). Sometimes tourism roads are not for the money, but because of the excitement. What is included in the journey: on board travel-flights (without which, of course, can not do), high-quality equipment, buying that once you can use for years to come. Also need a certain amount of money for unforeseen expenses and souvenirs. And, of course, a great company, with which all have fun. You can travel alone and, but for this type of holiday can not many. And the dangers it much more.


To the company has developed, begin hiking better child. If parents are hikers, they tend to take their children with them, and they discreetly infused into the team. If your relatives are far from such a holiday, you can go hiking with a children's tourist club, which is sure to have in your area. Growing up, children can no longer be free of such attacks and their children certainly, will join them. You can certainly find a suitable and join a team with the help of the Internet, but there is always the risk of getting and thus ruin your vacation.

In fairness, it should be noted that any tourist inquisitive person: people dropped are always looking for where the beach is cleaner, the water is clear, the sun is hotter. Recreation enthusiasts can tour all my life (until enough power) to go and explore the museum. They are all over the world abound. People who prefer sports tourism, open any road. For these people, there is no question where to go. Tourists in this group often think about something else: how to be in time everywhere.

Despite the fact that in every sports campaign should be a doctor or a person replacing him, a well-equipped ambulance box - the tourists a little sick. All kinds of corns, bruises, and mosquito bites do not count. So people go hiking for health. Just going far away from civilization, you can breathe clean air, drink clean water really, take a break from TV. No information will not have time to feel the hunger for 2-3 weeks. In a campaign, you can balance your diet. After all, in the woods do not meet a man selling popcorn and Coca-Cola. A balanced diet combined with physical activity gives the excellent result: a slim figure. This is important for both men and women. Home resist the temptations of arrival - or risk being quickly gain the lost weight.

Tourists tend to climb in places where an ordinary person himself voluntarily can not wander. The most important thing is also fun at the same time receive. In general, tourism - this is not a sport. It is a way of life. And remember that the road by walking, as if all my life to question what on his window so did not see. And because the world is such a huge and interesting!

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