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How to choose a horse ride

Last  time we talking  about   Tourism. Active and passive.

Route selection - the question of responsibility, but ultimately solvable. For permission should only armed with the information to soberly assess their needs and capabilities and match them.

The first factor, which immediately will significantly limit your choice, as it is banal, - the price and the available resources. Rather, their relationship. Prices of the services offered by the organizers of horse riding can vary the order, and must not turn a blind eye and even for travel expenses. And as experience shows, they can greatly exceed the cost of the holiday.

Fans organize everything yourself should warn that a horse trek they are unlikely to get something. Without the host country can not do if you are, of course, private jet not deliver horses and camping equipment to the starting point of the route.

The next step is to choose a suitable specifically for you horse nature hike. Of course, the campaign itself already implies living in tents or in the extreme case, in the cottage. But also hikes are of two types: the actual movement of a group of tourists with a regular change of places of lodging or daily radical departures from their homes.

Both the first and the second has its advantages and disadvantages. In this campaign the horse experiencing a heavy load under the weight of the packs, often costing only a pasture. Therefore, all kinds of races and jumps are to be expected at a minimum. Such an approach can not be called sport. But seen a lot of beautiful places and experience obtained will meet your expectations.

And on the contrary - radial departure initially involve a large number of races, the pleasure of mastering the intricacies of riding, free time (no need to pack and put up tents). The only thing that can get bored - it is the lack of new jobs.

Sport Training prospective tourists decisive role will not have. Well, of course, if you were sitting on a horse. Even better, if you know how to ride well. Generally fine, if you take care and have worked properly seated, because in the field of training will be released a minimum of time. However, if such an experience for your shoulders is not observed, then it does not really matter - in both cases you will be put into the saddle and go.

If fate has awarded you the right to choose individually (for example, you are planning outdoor activities with family, or you're a tourist-single), the entire selection will not take much time and will at this stage fairly straightforward. If you're not looking for easy ways and trying to organize a group of people for sharing Equestrian hike, just armed with information - too little.

Every company consists of people, each of which separately has their habits, preferences, financial resources and personal circumstances. So be prepared that every detail will be negotiated repeatedly, and repeatedly change the original decision will be up to the opposite.

The further the campaign, the closer you need to keep with you the documents.  Store documents better in a separate bag. We recommend Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 2 - in - 1. It is perfect for such a trip. This bag is small but compact. It can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck. And best of all under clothing, so your documents will be under the supervision and always there. Belt bag can be adjusted individually. The bag has a lot of pockets, into which you can put your passports, keys, money, tickets, map of the country and telephone. The bag has a pocket with zipper and Velcro, which can be especially important to put things. Just at the bag has a transparent pocket for ID cards. In the middle of the bag has a lock.