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Thermal overheating in the campaigns. How to avoid it?

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Doctors have warned of the dangers of heat stress. As a result of prolonged exposure to the heat, in the best case, we can get heat cramps, and at worst - heat stroke.

Muscle cramps - this is a common result of prolonged exposure to the heat when the body as a result of perspiration, disturbed the balance of salt and water. Among the symptoms of heat exhaustion include nausea, headache, weakness, and finally heat stroke.

The condition of heat stroke occurs when a person can not sweat and body temperature control mechanism stops working. Initially, it seems that it's just weakness after prolonged exposure to the sun, but soon the patient starts to experience dizziness, convulsions, and other inconveniences. When sunstroke requires urgent medical attention.

Doctors have concluded that the cause of overheating of the body - it is not only the high temperature. It may cause overheating and humidity, and stay in direct sunlight without adequate protection. These factors either alone or in combination can cause trouble. Their combination of triggers that meteorological term is called the "heat index", which defines the external heat load on the body.

A few tips on how to avoid heat stroke and to protect themselves from the increased thermal effect on the body in hot weather:

- Try to wear clothes made of light fabrics, preferably in light colors. They help reflect heat and sunlight. The free style will help your body to maintain an optimal temperature. Do not forget about the headdress.

- Slow down the pace! Do not overreach! For people from high-risk groups (elderly, young children with health problems) suggested to reduce excessive load or move horseback cooler times of the day. Young people also encourage you to avoid strenuous sports load abnormally hot daytime hours. Do not give away the body stress load.

- Do not use during the campaign alcoholic beverages. The initial feeling of pleasant coolness is misleading. Alcohol only hurt your body, aggravating the violation of water-salt balance.
Try to drink more water and other non-alcoholic drinks. Your body needs fluid, so as not to overheat. Drink plenty of fluids, even when you do not feel thirsty. But drinks with caffeine content to be sacrificed in favor of water.

- Without prior consultation with a physician do not take salt tablets (hot climates). For those who are on a salt-free diet or a diet with limited salt content, before the start of the campaign should be to visit your doctor.

- If you have to spend a lot of time in the sun, use for protecting cosmetics with sunscreen effect.


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