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10 RULES how to successfully buy a ticket?

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The first time you decide to go on vacation in warmer climes, to the warm sea and the bright sun alluring? And can you, on the contrary, fans to conquer the snow-capped mountain peaks? In any case, a visit to a travel agency you can not avoid. We will help you avoid mistakes and help in choosing the right tour.


1. Call a travel agency.
By choosing a travel agency should be approached with great responsibility. If you do not know what exactly to choose, it is necessary to consult with relatives, friends and acquaintances. From my own positive or negative experience, they will prompt some of the agencies better choose, and what does and get round. For assistance, you can turn to the internet. The Internet network is stored a considerable amount of information about the various tour operators, resorts, hotels and holiday. The surest sign of the quality of services - is the presence of its own website on the Internet with a detailed description of services and prices. Do not forget that choosing the right agency, you make the first step to a good rest.

2. Acquire a better full tour package.
It should include airfare, insurance, hotel accommodation, meals, and transfers. It is much cheaper than to buy a variety of services already in place arrival. The fact is that travel agency services to buy at wholesale prices and ordering all through an agency, you will save significantly.

3. Read hotel reviews BEFORE buying the tour.
Often, it happens on arrival at home to complain and leave a response seeking to essentially the tourists who, for whatever reasons, are unhappy with the accommodation and service in hotels. You can not betray any special significance, because many people, so many opinions, but do not forget that by making an advance payment for the tour, you will be able to give only paying a fine. Therefore, planning a vacation, pre-read all the hotels, select the one that the soul and only then make a prepayment.

4. Decide what you want to rest!
It is necessary to determine in advance what holiday you prefer. Do you want to enjoy the sights, visiting excursions, play sports, and actively pursue all the time or just languidly overcome the distance from the hotel to the beach? Would you like to have on-site baths, playgrounds, discos? Just ask the agent to offer "something for your taste," not a solution, because everyone has different tastes. An experienced agent, seeing your confusion, you should ask a number of specific questions in order to bring a little clarity to a difficult situation. Be careful, do not buy something that does not suit you.

5. Compare the price.
Every tourist seeks to relax at the highest level at the lowest price. Before selecting an agency to visit several sites on the Internet devoted to the choice of the tour, ask the price, pay attention to the level of quality of different operators. Only then choose the option that you prefer.

6. Do not miss the discounts!
As a rule, discounts apply to regular customers. If you are flying for the first time, count on discounts is not necessary, but nothing prevents you to just see if you get some bonuses for the following purchases of tours. Travel is very protective of the tour, so it is possible that having become a regular customer, you will enjoy discounts.

7. You do not need to do the tour order by phone.
Booking a tour of the phone, you get absolutely no guarantee that after you pass entrenched. Take the time to drive up to the agency and to place all the issue, do not forget to sign a contract for the provision of services. Referring to a specific agency, you will be able not only to hear but also to see, assess the situation and representatives.

8. Do not lose money in "burning passes".
Remember! At the height of the season, "burning" passes almost none. Such proposals are possible if someone from customers unexpectedly declined and you should be prepared for the fact that it is possible to fly will have tomorrow. Risking buy a "burning" tour, be sure to check the information about the hotel, perhaps it is in this hotel vouchers sold poorly. During the "low" season "last-minute" tours are very real, and you have a great opportunity to relax in a luxury hotel at quite a reasonable price.

9. Report on the activities of the agent.
If the rest period falls birthdays, anniversaries, anniversary, do not hesitate to talk about it to the manager. In the hotel on this occasion, you can expect a pleasant surprise.

10. Auditory training.
All things are done, documents are drawn up, the date assigned, there are very few - wait! In anticipation of a wonderful holiday, try to tune into his best. And do not read reviews, they need to be read before booking. Be sure that the trip will bring you lots of positive emotions and an infinite number of impressions.

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