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If your flight is delayed

Last  time  we talking  about   10 RULES how to successfully buy a ticket?


Most tourists make travel using scheduled or charter flights. And, unfortunately, more and more air flights are accompanied by delays or cancellation of flights.

If the flight is delayed, you should know the following basic rights and actions:


  • Passengers of charter and scheduled flights have the same rights. The carrier is equally liable to the passenger responsible for the delay in both charters and scheduled flights.
  • You have the right to reliable and accurate information. Refer to the representative of the airline operating the flight. Most carriers registered offices or stand there in almost all major airports. If you are flying from a small airport, where there is no official representation of airlines, refer to serving at the counter of the airport information. In any case, you must explain why and how the flight departure is delayed.

  • the representative of the airline or airport staff you have the right to demand to put a mark on the ticket for the flight is delayed. It is necessary, then if you write a complaint to the carrier or to sue him. Accurate real-time departure asks to write at the hands of the representative of the airline / airport and to assure a stamp (it can be done at planting or re-register - it is carried out in cases where the tourists on the flight delay time placed in the hotel).

If any departure delay air carrier is obliged to organize the following services for passengers free of charge:


- Give the room mother and child (or a passenger with a child), if the child is under the age of 7 years.

- Arrange luggage storage.

4.1. If the flight is delayed more than two hours:


- 2 phone calls and 2 emails;

- cold drinks.


4.2. If the flight is delayed more than four hours:


- Hot meals; wherein the hot feed should each 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and every 8 hours - night. (Bun with tea - this is not a hot meal and a violation of the rules).


4.3. If the flight is delayed for more than six hours:


- To place at the hotel (while waiting for the departure of more than 6 hours at night and more than 8 hours in the afternoon).

- Organize the delivery of transport from the airport to hotel and back in cases where the hotel is provided at no additional charge.

To place the passengers taken to the airport in nearby hotels. You have no right to settle in a double room with strangers. If the conditions are not satisfied, you have the right to choose the hotel and departure to expect there, tentatively agreed with the representatives of the airport that you will be warned about the time of departure. In this case, you pay for themselves room. And after returning home (or stay at the resort) will need to write a formal request to the airline's main office, demanding the return of the amount spent.


  1. If the airline sends you to another route or the flight of another company (in order to reduce the time delay to a minimum), this should be carried out exclusively at the expense of the airline or the airport, about any additional payments to the speech, in this case, can not be.


  1. If due to delay your flight journey was shorter, you may request the refund of all tour operator paid but unused services: a night at the hotel, missing the tour, etc. As a general rule, claims are shown after returning from vacation. At the same time, we must bear in mind that the tour operators willing to offer compensation on the spot: extra tour, the full board instead of breakfast, etc.
  2. Tourists should be aware that it is impossible to recover the fine in that case if the change in departure time was due to force majeure, the fault of the aircraft threatening the life or health of the passengers of the aircraft, or other circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.




To receive the compensation you need to file a claim for airlines, annexing copies of documents confirming your right to compensation. According to the rules, the passenger has the right to make a complaint to the carrier within 6 months from the date of arrival. The shipping company is required to review your claim within 30 days.


If the appeal was ignored and the perpetrators refused to compensate your expenses, you have the right to apply for them in court.


The statement of claim in court will have to attach a copy of the ticket with a note on the flight is delayed (its cancellation), accounts you incur costs (for example, hotel, meals, telephone calls), as well as your written complaint to the carrier's address and the answer to his representatives.


The amount of compensation for moral damage is determined by the court and does not depend on the size of the property damage compensation.

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