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Unusual types of tourism

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What jailoo tourism? Where a farmer to become a movie star for a week or an hour? We will tell you about the adventures and unusual kinds of travel, infinitely distant from the package tourism. Choose what you closer, or offer their own versions.

Rural tourism
Rural tourism back to the basics. Instead of an alarm clock - the roosters instead of the coffee machine in the office - a cow that needs to be milked, and instead of rubber vegetables from the supermarket - fresh produce straight from the garden. You can arrange a tour of the village themselves, to find a local guide or trust agencies that specialize in agro-tourism. Some companies focus on specific regions, others organize adventure for everyone all over the world.
This kind of tourism is suitable for fans of horse riding, fishing, and even beekeeping.

Jailoo tourism

With the Kyrgyz"jailoo" translates as "mountain pasture". Jailoo tourists travel through untouched corners of the planet - the mountains and steppes of Asia, the forests of Siberia and North America, the Amazon jungle and nature reserves in Africa - to forget for a while about the benefits of civilization. You can start with the country of this type of tourism - Kyrgyzstan, but do not choose extreme routes, if you have no experience of hiking in the mountains. It is safer to find a local guide who will lead you to the right path to the alpine pastures between the lakes.
Jailoo tourism can be combined with an ethnic - stay the night in a shepherd's yurt in the Mongolian steppe, to live in a thatched hut in a remote Indonesian village, or stay with the good-naturedbarabayg tribe in northern Tanzania. Traveler live the daily life of indigenous peoples, should be the local traditions and rituals, and the ability to take over, for example, graze livestock, handicrafts pottery or not to make fire from the lighter.

Film tourism

Film tourism craves for a while to become a favorite movie characters, and there are two ways. You can follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes in the UK or rent a red Chevrolet Impala and ride along the route of your favorite heroes. And you can be right in the scenery of your favorite movies.
Festival tourism

Audiophiles are practicing a different kind of tourism - a festival. And in Europe for a vacation, you can go to several concerts. Many festivals go on for three days, so near the scene equip campsites and Caravan.
To some extent to the festival tourism can be attributed, and a trip to the grand events like the Brazilian or the Venetian carnival.

Culinary tourism

Cooking classes and ethnic restaurants are everywhere, but to get acquainted with interesting recipes of national cuisine in their homeland. Maybe it's here in the atmosphere and perception. And for the right recipe pizza worth a trip to the south of Italy and try to persuade the owners of family restaurants to arrange a master class (but without basic Italian can not do in this case).

France Travel should definitely diversify familiarity with cheeses and wines. "Cheese" region is considered the birthplace of Normandy Camembert and Burgundy, where Napoleon's favorite cheese was created - equal. And in order to learn to understand the tea, go to the Chinese province of Fujian, famous for its red teas.

Ecological tourism

Proponents of this type of tourism spiritually enriched by contact with nature alone. Typically, ecotourists hotel serves a cabin in the national reserve, and neighbors - wild animals. The goal - to contemplate from a safe distance and do no harm. There are even the international community eco-tourists who want during the holidays to benefit the environment.

However, eco-tourism can be quite extreme. Take, for example, the so-called "shark tours" when you are immersed in a special cell in the sea, where predators swim around you.
Backpacker tourism

The purpose of backpacking - the most economic journey. Identify the possible distance for backpackers backpack (and often also on the chest) and Lonely Planet guidebook in hand. Backpackers go hitchhiking or by public transport and spend the night in hostels, tents or each other - for this, there are special services. Become a backpacker is never too late: a backpack - and more!

Grim tourism

It is also called "dark", "black" or dark tourism. Meaning - to travel to the places associated with death, destruction, mysticism and tragedies. "Gloomy tourists" get experience, walking through cemeteries and battlefields, they are attracted by all the sinister and supernatural.

Attractions dark tourism - French ghost town of Oradour-sur-Glane, the place of mass executions in the United States ... are popular excursions in Alcatraz prison where he was Al Capone. And in Romania, the "dark tourists" wander through the ruins of the fortress Poenari: historians believe her and not Bran, this castle of Dracula.

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